Government Shutdowns Are Unacceptable

The big orange baby with the tiny hands, AKA the president of the United States, is throwing another temper tantrum and shutting the government down for what I believe is the third time in his term. Why? Oh, it's over that terrible wall that he not only promised his xenophobic supporters but that he also promised Mexico would pay for, of course. What else would it be over? And while people say that it's not really affecting anyone all that much, that's incredibly untrue.

Let's Talk Impeachment

Anyone who claimed that Hilary Clinton was a security threat because of her emails last year who refuses to demand Trump's impeachment now for the same (worse, really) reasons must now admit that they never felt that Clinton was a security risk and that they simply hated her. Much of that is certainly rooted in sexism, but even if it's not, Donald Trump is the grosses example of not only a security threat but treason in modern America. How can Republicans fuel a lengthy investigation and waste of tax dollars over sex in the oval office but ignore this terrible danger?

Jeff Merkley Leads the Senate in a Filibuster Against Gorsuch

It’s moments like these when progressives have hope against a Republican-controlled House and Senate. Senator Jeff Merkley is currently speaking against Gorsuch, and he’s been on the floor for over 14 hours at this point. This is an exhausting undertaking and the senator is proving his mettle, earning him praise from people from all facets of the Left today.


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