Important news for women

Do you wax? Read this and other news.

There are several important stories circulating the web about women and girls right now. Here are just a few that might be of interest.

Stop waxing your vagina

While removing hair is considered to be something that women must do to be sexy and beautiful—which is completely ridiculous and unnatural, by the way—it’s actually not the cleanest thing you could do. In fact, science now shows that waxing provides a breeding ground for some pretty heavy bacteria. If you really want to stay healthy, don’t wax. Of course, science has also proven that tanning is as deadly as smoking cigarettes for young women, but that sadly hasn’t stopped them, either…

National Women’s Rights rally this weekend

Did you know there was going to be a massive women’s rights rally in Washington, DC this weekend? Yeah, neither did I, because the mainstream media isn’t even bothering to cover it. Of course, the media I follow isn’t always that mainstream, so it’s even more troubling that I hadn’t heard of it. It’s too bad because I would have made plans to attend with my daughter, as I think this is really too important to miss.


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