The Worst of the Worst

Donald Trump has been president for less than an entire season and there have already been so many sweeping changes in both policies and the political climate of the country that one would be hard-pressed to pinpoint the worst disaster of his presidency as of yet. Given his propensity to tweet out his feelings as he sees fit and to anger world leaders, it’s likely that the worst is yet to come.

J.K. Rowling Feuds with Piers Morgan on Twitter

When Jim Jefferies flipped Piers Morgan off on HBO last night, you could hear Maher’s crowd hooting their approval, but it was Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling who really let Morgan have it on Twitter following the show. She tweeted the episode to her followers, telling Morgan that sucking up to bullies doesn’t work out in the end, and he’d know it if he’d bothered to read her books.

“Accept God or else!” say Arizona lawmakers

No divinity, no diploma, according to proposed law.

Oh, those cute political pundits in Arizona are at it again! It’s not enough to limit cultural studies, make “show us your papes!” laws, question science and generally make our nation look like a bunch of buffoons on the nightly news, making countries that already laugh at us tired of the same old joke about those stupid Americans again; now they want to add a little religious twist in all of their shenanigans.

Arizona lawmakers are now trying to pass a law that states that in order to graduate from high school, students have to take this super creepy nationalistic oath that ends with “so help me God.” Apparently pledging allegiance to a tiny classroom flag every day for 12 years wasn’t enough for these sheep herders; now you have to declare it loud and proud—or else. Click the link to read the whole zombified language of the oath and see if you’d want to take it yourself.

Pretending to be gay isn’t learning tolerance.

Are you gonna get pregnant to see what that’s like next, Mister?

Have you heard about this Christian guy who spent a whole year of his life pretending to be gay just so he could “understand” gay people better? The guy was raised as a Christian and taught that being gay is a sin or whatever—but not that it’s reprehensible to, say, work on Sundays or touch a pig’s skin, as the Bible clearly states, but you know how some people like to pick and choose—and when his friend came out to him as a lesbian, he wanted to understand her. He wanted to so much that he came out to his family, had a fake boyfriend, and pretended to be gay to the entire world for a year.

You, sir, are despicable. What’s next, getting pregnant and having a baby to “understand” women? You’ll need a period first, bucko; good luck with that one.

Force-fed dogma over dinner

How do you survive the holidays?

For the first time in my life, I am facing a bit of force-fed dogma over the holidays. A family member is newly insisting that Christ be kept in Christmas, and when I refused to bow my head in prayer at Thanksgiving—as three other relatives did, mind you—it was deemed “rude.” So now it’s rude to practice your own religious freedom with your own family.

I'd rather an atheist hold office

Select states fearful of a godless person holding office.

As a person who doesn't associate with any organized religion, I'm shocked by how much religion plays into politics. Too many people think that we live in a "Christian" nation, but the fact is we don't. We live in a place that provides freedom of religion to all, as put forth in the Constitution of the United States, the First Amendment, to be exact. (Hey, I paid attention in government class.)


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