The Latest in Trump Disasters

Hours ago I had planned on writing something about a court nominee but lo and behold, now Trump's declaring that he will deport refugees from the Vietnam War now because that is SUCH a priority, not to mention a mensch thing to do. I still can't believe this guy. I'm located somewhere between jaw-dropping, outraged disbelief and the terrible, cryogenic state of numbly accepting it all because hey, what would this guy not do?

Bernie Says He Could Run

Four years ago, I was a big supporter of Bernie Sanders. I tried really hard to see him in person (and was almost close enough in line to do it!), donated to his campaign, volunteered for him and still have his sticker on my car. I believe in Bernie and I think he's done a lot of great things for this nation, but I'm not longer sure that Bernie is the candidate America needs.

Just Say No to Trump's Birth Control Rules

When it comes to medicine, things should be left to the experts, in which most cases include the medical team and the person whose body is in question and knows said body best. Your employer, the government, and everyone in between has zero say on whether or not you get your tonsils removed, get breast augmentation or laser surgery on your eyes, so why in the heck would they have a say on whether or not you can get birth control on "moral grounds?" That's what Trump and co are trying to make happen, even though federal courts have already ruled that it's not legal. 

Go Vote

The upcoming midterm election is the hottest political race I have ever witnessed. It feels even more heated than Bush II's election. After witnessing the damage one reality star and his heavily one-sided Congress and House of Representatives can inflict the last two years, hopefully the "blue wave" we've been promised will be more than the wishful thinking that many are afraid it may turn out to be. Then there's the voter complacency between those who don't vote and those who waste votes on third parties.

This is Fascism

Stripping people of their citizenship. Calling the free press "the enemy." Lying so many times every week that fact checkers can barely keep up, promoting racism, violence and sexual assault... it's only getting worse, folks, and now that Brazil's joined the fascist club, it's only a matter of time before a new Axis of Evil arises and we're going to be at the heart of it. Last week, Trump announced that he wants to take away the identity of trans people, making people their "assigned gender" at birth. This week, he says he wants to strip babies born on U.S. soil of their citizenship.

The Midterms are Coming!

You're probably sick of the attack ads and all of the flyers at your house (unless you use them to line your bird cage or something), have already been asked if you know where your polling place is and have a plan to vote already... but do you really? Election Day is rapidly approaching and I just realized it's a day I don't have a car. We have a one-car home and my husband works that day, so it will be gone from 5 AM until 6:30 when he gets home. In the spring, we were able to just barely make it for the primaries, but I just don't know about this one. 

Trump Tax Info, Please

It's really not hard to believe that Donald was a millionaire at age 8. He exhibits plenty of characteristics of affluenza. What's grotesque is how he's used everything his father handed him to put pressure on poorer people, which he seems to continue to do today. As much as he brags about what he makes, shouldn't Donald be willing to brag about his tax info, too?

Believe Women

Allan Piper at Now This Politics has a great video up describing why we must believe women who say they've been sexually assaulted. In it, Piper points out that this isn't because women are more honest or trustworthy than men, but because the odds are that women WILL be assaulted sometime in their lifetime. Knowing that at least a quarter of women will be assaulted should make men more apt to believe a woman when she comes forward.

I Believe Dr. Ford

Is it really that much of a stretch to imagine that a president who openly admits to groping women, peeping in at young women in beauty pageants and faces his own accusations of sexual violence might want to appoint a Supreme Court justice who's done similar acts in his own past? Brett Kavanaugh's behavior being chalked up as a youthful indiscretion, that "boys will be boys," is an outrageous problem in our society.

Resist Today

You have to wonder if people who experienced times of turbulence in their nations like the U.S. is currently experiencing ever suspected that fascism might take over, that a dictatorship could arise. I'm not saying that's happening right now, but we are seeing unprecedented accounts of blatant rule violations, barriers to democracy and foreign intrustion into politics like I've never seen in my lifetime. It's definitely something that should be on everyone's radar. 


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