The Winds of Weapons are a-Changin'

It's bad enough that teens are already expected to attend school during the hours doctors agree they should be asleep, doing hours of homework afterward while they attempt to balance chores, jobs, siblings, activities and hormones in a cacaphony that none of us would expect out of ourselves, yet now we're demanding that they be made unsafer in school with a bunch of armed teachers? You have to be kidding, Mr. Trump. You do that and you're only doing to see the current rate of a shooting a week double and worse.

Medicaid Laws Cause Couples to Divorce in States Like Kentucky

When you hear about people separating because of politics, you likely think it's because of differences of opinions. You probably don't consider the idea that it's because they couldn't get health coverage if they stayed married, which is exactly what happened to Linda and Larry Drain, who have been sweethearts since college, married in 1981 and divorced for four years so Linda could continue to get the life-saving medicine she needs to live.

Vote Out the Net Neutrality Foes

Those of us who demand net neutrality are pretty angry over (well, a lot of things) our politicians' indifference to this issue. The fact that they'd like to create further inequity in the country when so much of it already exists is simply outrageous. Fight for the Future, an organization that's working to promote and protect net neutrality, has just made it easier to see who is trying to take it away from us.

How Far Do Your Politics Go?

There are plenty of casual voters in America. Some even forget to vote. Some say that they just HATE politics. Does anyone, aside from a politician, really love politics, though? Those who care about politics care about their rights (and/or the rights of others), otherwise they, too, would be disinterested. When a vote decides if you have health care, can make your own health decisions, whether or not your school will get funding... it's pretty important.

Tax Cut Passes in the Senate

So much for the senate coming through for us on this ridiculous tax bill that not only rewards the rich and penalizes the middle class but also somehow promotes drilling in Alaska and redefines life as something that begins at conception. As insane as this sounds, these tiny inclusions here and there are going to leave a lasting impact by building a solid case for the Right to use in creating dangerous policies that affect us all. 


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