The Death Penalty Is Outdated And Unconstitutional

Several states have either banned or discussed banning the death penalty, including California, where the governor has dubbed it an archaic and cruel practice. Over 150 people have been exonerated on death row since the 1970s and that number is likely far below the number of innocent people who have been put to death for committing a crime. The very fact that we can't ever convict a person with a 100% certainty is proof enough that the death penalty shouldn't be used. 

Trashtag Challenge

The Green New Deal gives me so much hope, but as long as we have a Republican-controlled Sentate I can't see it going anywhere just yet and we seem to be running out of time. If we want to clean up this planet for future generations to not only enjoy but simply live on, we have to make drastic changes immediately. While the current Trashtag Challenge probably won't get us there, it's something we can do while we try to impeach those in office and wait to vote for those who could, you know, pass legislation to save our lives.

Has it really come to this? LOLSOB

Stopping Human Slavery

So many people like to think that slavery is over since the Emancipation Proclamation was signed, but the truth is so much more complicated. Not only could we argue that slavery still exists in the form of stagnant wages, prison abuse and the inequalities in the work place faced by people of color, but we also need to shine light on the human trafficking that occurs all over the world, which is also known as human trafficking. Human trafficking is something we like to believe happens far away from where we are, but in reality it's in our own backyards.

Environmental 10-Year Challenge

So many "10 year challenges" are making their ways around the Internet, and while some of them have been fun, such as the share your first Facebook photo and your latest one, many have been offensive, nasty and, in this case, depressing. Greenpeace released a 10-year challenge featuring photos of the environment from 10 years ago versus our environment today and we can't say we're all that shocked. Can you?

FGM Now Criminalized in Ohio

FGM isn't likely to be outlawed worldwide anytime soon, but it certainly is condemned by the majority of the world. It won't be until women are actually viewed as equals rather than property that it will come to end end, since it exists not as a way to affirm one's culture, as many are brought up to believe, but to simply control women and prevent them from having any pleasure during sex in order to keep them faithful to their husbands.

Ocasio-Cortez's Tax Plan is Not New

It's no surprise around here that I pretty much hero worship Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and when she does something as simple as wear red lipstick to symbolize change I am stoked. She's doing some major work in Washington to help rectify the many problems we have, however, and one of them is tax reform. Ocasio-Cortez is an expert in economics, with a degree in economics and international relations, and her idea to reinstate a 70% tax on the wealthiest Americans isn't even new.

Background Checks Bill Introduced by House

We finally have a Blue House and that house has just introduced a Background Checks Bill, H.R. 8, which would strengthen background checks and close the federal loophole, giving us just a tiny bit more protection against gun violence. Last year we saw romaine lettuce banned after a few dozen people fell ill, but we lose 100 people a day to gun violence and nothing gets accomplished save for 'thoughts and prayers.' Many politicians, particularly those who have the NRA in their back pockets, even call for MORE guns, outrageously wishing to arm teachers and train students to handle guns.

Government Shutdowns Are Unacceptable

The big orange baby with the tiny hands, AKA the president of the United States, is throwing another temper tantrum and shutting the government down for what I believe is the third time in his term. Why? Oh, it's over that terrible wall that he not only promised his xenophobic supporters but that he also promised Mexico would pay for, of course. What else would it be over? And while people say that it's not really affecting anyone all that much, that's incredibly untrue.


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