The Same Sex Marriage Debate

One of the most controversial issues in modern-day America is the debate surrounding the rights of same-sex couples to marry. Currently, same-sex unions are legal in three American states, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Iowa. Legislation recently passed in Maine and Vermont to recognize same-sex marriage. Those laws will go into effect this September. The state of New Hampshire also has an equal marriage law in debate right now, with state governor John Lynch pushing for stronger language protecting religious institutions before he will sign. That itself seems like little more than a stall and it is likely that New Hampshire will see the legalization of same-sex marriage within the next six months.

The Republicans-- Don't Call it a Comeback

For like the 100th time since Obama won the election, the Republicans have announced a huge reboot of the party except this time, they mean it.  Celebrating his 100 days in office as head of the RNC, Michael Steele wrote an editorial in Politico today saying that the Republicans shouldn't apologize anymore, without specifying any of the myriad things they have yet to apologize for, and emphasized that the party from now on will be forward-thinking.  Total mentions of Reagan?  Five.

LaRouche: Good Source of Info?

I had a phone call last night from the LaRouche people, who strangely like Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses and Vampires, are dangerous to let in your door (or on you phone). They wanted me to support their cause- routing out the ignoble and banker-tied members of the Obama Administration. Sounds all right, but  particularly scary to me, was their call to action to get out the people in the Obama Administration who want to take away basic human rights from the weak and the poor, the handicapped, and the less-advantaged. (They believe that Obama is in some kind of secret group that believes the weak should not survive.)

I decided to hear him out and check out what LaRouche was saying. For a taste of sweetness beyond no other, check out www.larouchepub.com and for the love of God (if there is one), please don't forget to bring your thinking cap to the door.
Sample quotes from his web site seem humorous until I started to realize that people actually think this guy is some kind of mis-understood genius. 


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