Tucker Carlson: White Supremacy Is A "Hoax"

A man who has commented that immigration makes the United States dirtier and poorer now states that white supremacy is nothing but a hoax, since he's never met a white supremacist in his life. Meanwhile, Americans are fighting for their lives in their churches, supermarkets and movie theaters as white supremacists, incels and rage-filled men prey upon them using our own laws against us.

Gun Control Now

It's not a mental health problem. Funny how if the shooter isn't white, it's labeled terrorism, but every time a white supremacist murders a bunch of people, it's his "mental illness." It's not a violent video game problem, either; peaceful nations around the world have plenty of violent video games and citizens with mental illness without mass shootings every week. It's a GUN problem. There is NO reason citizens need automatic weapons. Zero. Zip.

Trump's Racism Rallies Supporters

The fact that Trump's most racist, vile tweets and statements seem to rally his supporters, giving him even higher approval ratings, should really worry us. So many people on the left (and even centrists who understand what he's doing to this country) are clamoring to get out the vote, to try and win back more senate seats and get a qualified Dem into power, but I can't help but wonder if it's even possible.

Getting Rid Of Pot Convictions

It never ceases to amaze me how the government is legally able to repress and ruin lives every day. From allowing citizens to die without healthcare, to outlawing abortion, legalizing discrimination against LGBTQ people, sanctioned state violence and, yes, our for-profit prison system, we are far from the land of the free that so many like to think we are. That doesn't mean we should "love it or leave it," as some would scorn, but that we need to keep working towards a better tomorrow by combatting these issues, just like our ancestors did for us.

No Citizenship Question on the Census

As courts across the country are stacked with extremist Trump judges, it's beginning to feel a bit hopeless in America, isn't it? I know progressives who think we just need an entire revolution after these past three mad years (which, let's face it, is really a lowball; things have been steadily backpedaling into the 1950s since Reagan), with an entire new system of government, and they don't have a lot of hope for next year's election.

Surviving The Day's Politics

Between this administration's refusal to do anything about our environmental crisis, which could cause our entire society to collapse within 30 years if ignored, its war on people with uteri and demand to promote the life of a clump of cells over existing people and all the little things--like allowing Russia to hack our elections, instituting tariffs on already broke people and so forth--it's been one of the most stressful times to be

Stop Betsy DeVos From Selling Student Loans

Do you remember the days back when abortion drugs were sold door-to-door, we could get loans without just being a credit score number and it was illegal for insurance companies to operate for profit? No? That's because all of these things existed before most of us were born. Your grandparents might remember them, since they all existed before politicians took the reigns to give businesses more power than people. It's true that many things were harder "back then," but some of them were definitely easier, too.


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