Tracking the Periods Of Abortion Patients

What would you do if the Department of Health and Senior Services director of your state pretty much ignored maternal death cases but tracked the periods of every woman in your state who gets an abortion, personally reviewing each person's case? If that doesn't make you furious, you may not live in Missouri, where this is actually happening, and how it doesn't violate HIPAA laws, I don't know. This guy should be sued for violating the privacy of every patient rather than working for the government, and yet there he is.

Outlaw Conversion Therapy Now

As a parent, I'm appalled that spanking remains a legal form of punishment for a child. It's illegal to spank anyone from a convicted felon to a dog, which is how it should be, yet our most vulnerable members of society are perfectly fine to knock around? No. It's not okay, and neither is conversion "therapy" for gay kids, which is just as harmful. Both need to be outlawed immediately.

Supreme Court Hears LGBT Cases

The Supreme Court is discussing whether or not a person may be fired from a job for being LGBTQ, and although it has many of us thinking, "How can this still be a debate in 2019?" it's the reality that many people continue to face. There are people fired, kicked out of their apartments and discriminated in other ways because of sexual orientation today and that's got to become a thing of the past.

The Best Trump Hurricane Memes

As much as Trump terrifies us (and the rest of the world), sometimes he does offer us such ridiculousness that we can't help but laugh. When he shared an obviously doctored photo of Hurricane Dorian, complete with a Sharpie swirl, the Internet went bonkers making fun of it and it was the most fun we've had since the day before he was "elected" in the first place.

Does "Never Again" Even Mean Anything?

While watching an old George Carlin special that mentioned supporting the government in the "war on terror," it hit me: our government lied to us about weapons of mass destruction to enter a war and totally got away with it. Totally. What hope do we even have against fascism as it rises across not only our own nation, but the world itself? Once all branches are in one party's pocket, there are zero checks and balances, and it's terrifying. 


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