Surviving The Day's Politics

Between this administration's refusal to do anything about our environmental crisis, which could cause our entire society to collapse within 30 years if ignored, its war on people with uteri and demand to promote the life of a clump of cells over existing people and all the little things--like allowing Russia to hack our elections, instituting tariffs on already broke people and so forth--it's been one of the most stressful times to be

Stop Betsy DeVos From Selling Student Loans

Do you remember the days back when abortion drugs were sold door-to-door, we could get loans without just being a credit score number and it was illegal for insurance companies to operate for profit? No? That's because all of these things existed before most of us were born. Your grandparents might remember them, since they all existed before politicians took the reigns to give businesses more power than people. It's true that many things were harder "back then," but some of them were definitely easier, too.

Kids Keep Dying in U.S. Custody

As migrant children continue to die in our custody, be assaulted by their "caregivers" and never see their parents again, are you thinking about how this makes us monsters? What on earth are we going to do about this? There's absolutely nothing that can be done to make up for the harm already inflicted, but the children that are still in custody need to be reuinited with their families.

Student Loan Forgiveness

Elizabeth Warren and several other 2020 presidential contenders are discussing a student loan forgiveness plan for our country and it's an interesting idea, to say the least. For starters, it would force us to rethink the current model for student loans and the skyrocketing prices of universities that have increased by over 200% in recent years while wages have largely remained stagnant.

Move Over, Bernie

Everyone keeps saying they don't want Hilary Clinton to run again, but here I am saying that Bernie Sanders should also move over this time around. It's not that I don't like Bernie--or either candidate, for that matter; I admire and like many things about both of them, and I don't like or admire other things about them, which is what I'll say about everyone else who's running for Democratic office, too.

New Zealand Ban on Assault Rifles

After the terrible mass shooting in New Zeland that left 50 people dead, the country says enough is enough, passing a ban on military-style semiautomatic guns and assault rifles immediately following the atrocity. Citizens willingly came forward, handing in their guns, and Prime Minister Jacinda Arden has received international praise for standing up against violence so quickly and unflinchingly. 

The Death Penalty Is Outdated And Unconstitutional

Several states have either banned or discussed banning the death penalty, including California, where the governor has dubbed it an archaic and cruel practice. Over 150 people have been exonerated on death row since the 1970s and that number is likely far below the number of innocent people who have been put to death for committing a crime. The very fact that we can't ever convict a person with a 100% certainty is proof enough that the death penalty shouldn't be used. 


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