Take Action Today

Instead of sharing all of the woes of the world today, let's share a few ways we can make the world better. I'd like to start by saying you can phonebank for Elizabeth Warren (or any candidate you support; she is obviously mine), if you would like to help generate some support no matter where you live.

You can also ask that the government help support efforts in Australia. I'm sure that's breaking your heart. It's certainly breaking mine.

How The French Strike

When we look around the world, we often see people protest fascism, inequity and inhumane condtions. We also see people stick it to those who are hurting others, namely people in power or the wealthy. So when the French electrical workers on strike cut the power to law enforcement and the wealthy while restoring it to the poor... it says a lot. Not only about the French, but about Americans.

Pelosi Dangles Articles Of Impeachment

How many bills is Mitch McConnell currently stalling? How long did Republicans stall for Obama's last Supreme Court nomination to ensure it didn't go through? Some may denounce Pelosi's refusal to send the Articles of Impeachment over to our do-nothing (unless it's controlling our bodily autonomy) Sentate but I'm over here applauding it and saying FINALLY. 

Impeaching 45

Two articles of impeachment are being brought against Doland Trump and wherever you look there are different stories. Fox says that the "needle's not moving" since the majority of the country doesn't want to impeach him. That's exactly what Fox WOULD say. Other outlets have high hopes, especially since there are more than two things that Trump's done that would qualify for impeachment in the first place.

Brits Think Our Healthcare Is Outrageous

There's a video going around about how shocked British people are to discover the costs of healthcare in the United States. Watching it made me tear up a bit, knowing how we could have it, knowing that most of the developed world has free or near-free healthcare and here we are with our for-profit system that's letting people die every single day.

Tracking the Periods Of Abortion Patients

What would you do if the Department of Health and Senior Services director of your state pretty much ignored maternal death cases but tracked the periods of every woman in your state who gets an abortion, personally reviewing each person's case? If that doesn't make you furious, you may not live in Missouri, where this is actually happening, and how it doesn't violate HIPAA laws, I don't know. This guy should be sued for violating the privacy of every patient rather than working for the government, and yet there he is.


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