Kansas Finds New Way to Attack Abortion - Taxes

"Other provisions, ones that aren’t being talked about, implement some rather questionable requirements."

Attacks on abortion freedoms have frequently consisted of cutting back funding to those who provide these services, including the removal of public funds.  Now, Kansas is taking the fight to a whole new level.  In the first law of its kind, they are pushing a movement to further hit the wallets of clinics by encoding the war against abortion into the state tax law.

The new law would prohibit any and all deductions related to abortions, including insurance that covers them.  It hits individuals, employers and even corporations.  Contributions to health care programs that offer abortions will no longer be tax deductable.  Thus, charity contributions to help women in other ways, but that support institutions with abortion as an available service, are no longer viable.  The law also attacks the sales of abortion drugs by raising the taxes on them.

Obama Takes a Stand on Gay Marriage

"Good job to Obama, whether he did it for the votes or for his conscious."

So, I guess at first I should apologize for my rather scathing criticism of President Obama in a previous post.  His denial of the legislation which would have supported gay marriage rights at first seemed a political maneuver designed to avoid losing massive amounts of votes during election time.  It appears that now, however, he has finally chosen to speak out about his own personal views of gay marriage.  Everyone probably knows by now (since the media has been bombarded with it), but Obama has officially announced his support for the LGBT community and their right to marry who they wish.

The Strange Math of the GOP Jobs Picture

Private sector employment is up, public sector employment is down, the stock market's surging....but the GOP isn't happy?

Mitt Romney wants Obama to “answer for” the slowly eroding unemployment rate, which has dropped slightly more than a percentage point since 2011. Republican lawmakers, conservative Super PACs, and the rest of the right-wing machinery have been spinning a narrative that depicts Obama as weak on the economy, the recovery being needlessly slow under his leadership, and job creation stagnant or worse. As with so many things, the reality is significantly different than the picture their painting, a fact that  is inspiring many usually moderate or non-political entities to publicly address.

Mitt "The Evader" Romney Tries Painting Obama As Inconsistant

Yet the guy has, throughout the primary campaign, been ducking on questions from immigration to reproductive rights.

Barack Obama’s bombshell announcement last week, endorsing same-sex marriage, illustrated one major difference between him and his inevitable Republican opponent, Mitt Romney. Obama will fearlessly confront a political issue. No doubt , his recently stated position will not sit well with some of his supporters, and he’ll continue to have to talk about this for months on the trail when what he really wants to talk about is the economy. Romney has already called him a “flip-flopper”, based on an Illinois Senate debate in 2004 when Obama said he did not support gay marriage. Of course, that’s ignoring the fact that since before he was even President he acknowledged that his views on the subject were “evolving”. This brings me to my point, Romney is not a fearless politician, and for him to accuse Obama of evasion or hypocrisy is a grievous case of the pot calling the kettle black.

The Strangest Anti-Gay Video

Maybe this woman is using reverse-psychology...

Firstly, I’d like to say that even though this woman is completely incomprehensible and not a word of what she says makes any sense in any language that I know—not even in terms of beat poetry—when she opens her mouth, I have to admit that this is pretty much how every bigoted, homophobic person sounds to me when they speak, as if their collective traps are rumbling out disjointed, incoherent diarrhea, and you only wish they’d do the respectable thing and head to the nearest toilet to keep the rest of us from having to witness the disgustingness of it all.

Kudos to Lincoln, Nebraska for trying to pass an ordinance that will help protect gays and lesbians—but boy do these open comment sessions bring out the most trollsome people you could ever meet. Where does this woman get all of her information from? She suggests that children with gay parents sit around and rape each other and have the lowest test scores, that gay sex causes death and the rupture of intestines (creating a “homicider” or “fatality,” in her own words), that Hillary Clinton is gay and that women become lesbians by being drugged, and plenty of other outlandish comments.

Romney 2.0 - BullyBot

Allegations of high school bullying simply add to Romney's negative personality

Do you remember a number of backs when the Republicans Presidential candidates were holding weekly debates?  There was an instance where Rick Perry got under Mitt Romney’s skin and Mitt placed his hand on Perry’s arm.  There was some chatter that Romney was controlling, didn’t like others to disagree with him, and placing his hand on Perry’s arm was a show of aggression.  At the time, I assumed that the media was blowing the situation out of proportion, but with the recent allegations of bullying by Romney when he was in prep school make me wonder if Mitt really does have an anger problem and is fearful of those that do not conform to his will. 

The Occupy Wall Street protestors might have a point after all

This article looks at the whole thing in a new light

It seems to be that 2012 has panned out the same way that 2011 did so far with emerging markets really getting head and the US and other developed countries falling further into debt that could actually become unsustainable.

Europe has continued to be in trouble and Greece has gotten bailed out again. As for the U.S., it is the dollar that is still having its hegemony across the globe and so any debt that it accumulates really doesn’t matter when you really analyze the situation.

Obama evolves to support gay marriage

Why does government have to define "marriage?"

The President made it official: he voiced his support for same-sex couples to be legally married.  President Obama has moved from previous views that marriage was defined as man and woman, to providing equal rights through civil unions and has now evolved to his current belief that same-sex marriage should be law.  The timing of this comes just after North Carolina voted to ban gay marriage.  While, I am grateful that the President has finally made his decision as to which side of the fence he will stand on this issue, it is a side that I don’t fully agree with.

Gary Johnson is the Libertarian candidate for president

But...who is he?

Gary Johnson has been selected to be the presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party.  This is the same Gary Johnson that was essentially snubbed from participating in the Republican debates over this past year.  (I think he may have been in one or two of the first debates held.)  Yet, the Libertarians selected him quickly and with and overwhelming majority (over 70 percent).  So, who is Gary Johnson?

Some will evolve; some simply won't

Skulls of mush

I don’t really blame all young people. They simply don’t have the wisdom, knowledge or emotional skill-set necessary to reason in a lucid, rational and mature manner—that’s why they’re kids. They are learning, experiencing and hopefully for all of us, evolving.

On the other hand, there are some of those “kids” who I don’t believe will ever evolve and those are the ones that could very well muck up everything. True, that element has always been lurking around the fringes of the crowd, but there are more of them today and their moral deformity is greater than ever. For the first time in history, a society has been created that caters to their mindset and which supports them physically as well as psychologically.


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