Sneaking Anti-Abortion Legislation onto Other Laws

One tactic that is commonly used in politics is to take an existing legislation that is popularly supported and attach to it a less popular law so that your opponents will be forced to give in to your agenda in order to get the main law passed.  The anti-abortion front has decided to use this tactic recently by appropriating a New Hampshire law for the passage of something they wish done that previously already shot down.

Senate Bill 348, aka “Parker’s Law,” requires that all infants in the state of New Hampshire get screening for heart defects as part of their normal routine.  This ruling would drastically increase the chance of these children surviving given the particular health issue.  But anti-abortion factions within the House decided, at the very last moment, to propose that another law that makes abortions after 20 weeks illegal be included in the legislation.  Doing this at the last moment puts everyone on the spot to make a choice quickly, without discussion or thought.

EU Carbon Law being Ignored

"As it stands now, the offending airlines have until mid-June to provide the information on their emissions. "

A controversial European Union carbon law went into effect at the beginning of this year that requires airlines to meet certain emissions standards in order to freely use airports within the participating EU countries.  This law was enacted in response to the inability of the International Civil Aviation Administration (ICAO) to settle on a global standard for reduction of carbon emissions.  After more than 10 years of nothing getting done, the EU finally made its own law - one that has been causing an uproar in the international community.

Since the law was announced, the outcry against it has died down somewhat.  Now, more than 1200 airlines (the vast majority of them) have chosen to comply with the law and have caused no further problems.  India and China, however, have a number of airlines that are refusing to give their carbon emissions reports to the EU body in charge of monitoring the planes.  Of the resistant airlines, 8 are Chinese and 2 are Indian.  These offenders could be fined, or in worst case scenarios, banned completely from all airports within the EU.

Maryland - No Gay Marriage Yet, but Gay Divorce Ok?

"This sets a precedent that may act as a small but potentially effective buffer against the rash of constitutional amendments against gay marriage. "

Gay marriage discrimination is set to end in Maryland come January of 2013, which is another great victory for human rights in the United States.  The new law is, of course, being challenged by the anti-gay movement who seeks to collect enough signatures to get it repealed.  In the meantime, certain issues still have to be dealt with and one in particular involves the case of two women who were legally married in California but have since moved to Maryland and wish to get a divorce.

The petition for divorce was previously denied to the couple on the grounds that since same-sex marriage wasn’t recognized in the state that none of the other legal issues surrounding marriage should be recognized either.  But an appeal to the highest court in the state ended with the divorce being accepted.

GOP Butt Plugs based on approval rating

In a way it really indicates that amount the candidate was willing to "bend over and take it".

Matt Epler is probably one of my favorite conceptualists at the moment. In a kind of art-meets-social-criticism business venture, Epler created a set of butt plugs (The Grand Ole Party)  based on the voter approval curves of the GOP presidential primary candidates. The set, which omits Herman Cain but includes Bachmann and Perry, used Gallup poll data showing the approval rating of each candidate since the beginning of the primary campaign season. The length of the plug is based on the time spent in the race, and the width of the plug is based on their approval rating percentage out of 100. The result is a lewd (or funny, depending) and provocative set of anal stoppers.

Is a government shutdown on the horizon...again?

Tales from the crypt

It seems like we just went through this: Republican leadership in the House of Representatives, specifically Speaker John Boehner, is threatening to shut down the government by refusing to raise the debt ceiling once again. 


Last time this happened, the USA lost its AAA credit rating when bond rating agencies were concerned about the country’s ability to work together toward sound fiscal policy.  With damaged character, the stock market dropped and so did the approval rating of Congress.  So, will the leadership of the House learn from that?  It seems not. 

Yet again, Speaker John Boehner is refusing to raise the debt ceiling, even though the founder of modern-day conservatism, Ronal Regan, advocated raising the debt ceiling when needed.  Instead, Speaker Boehner has proposed three different budgets for next year.  Three budgets – when none are required.   

President Obama’s Investments

As an American citizen, you might want to know where the President invests his money.

President Obama is a very wealthy man and a powerful one too. The most powerful man on this planet, of course. America has debt that is estimated at about $15.6 trillion, but the President still is a firm believer in government paper.

According to this article on the USA Today, President Obama could be worth as much as $10 million. It is pretty hard to determine exactly how much Obama might be worth but there have been estimates that it could be anywhere from $2.6 million to $9.9 million. I was totally surprised by this revelation because I never considered him to be so rich, but then again he has been making upwards of $400,000 for the past 4 years now.

North Korea Mutating Due to International Media?

The internal workings of North Korea are changing, and for the better.  People in the DPRK are, with increasing technology, gaining more access to outside media, despite government efforts to keep it at bay.  This was evident in the recent rocket launch fiasco, when the government decided it best to admit their failure rather than try to keep up the pretense that everything had gone okay and that reports of failure were a Western plot.  They know that they can’t control things the way they used to and that the availability of information surpasses even their draconian attempts to remain insular.


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