Oreo joins its corporate image to LGBT rights

Kraft Foods has become the latest addition to the growing list of corporations that are openly adding their voice to the support of LGBT rights and equality.  So far, many popular brand names, including Coca-Cola, Wells Fargo, AT&T and Google, have taken the bold leap forward into the inevitable future by helping the cause in such ways as sponsoring Pride events.  Kraft Foods’ addition to the movement was the posting of a picture of a rainbow-centered Oreo on their Facebook page.  It was posted with perfect timing to both support Pride and celebrate Oreo’s 100th anniversary.

Syria just keeps digging the hole deeper

Syria has its share of problems - problems that will likely end only through civil war or international intervention.  Now they add to their woes by shooting down a Turkish warplane.  In their defense, they claimed that the warplane was flying low over Syrian territorial waters, less than a mile off of their coastline.  In response to this incursion they unloaded their anti-aircraft guns on it (most likely Russian-made).  Turkey, of course, says that the plane was flying through an accepted corridor down to a base on Cyprus.

Iowa attempts to devastate women’s rights

Once again, the anti-abortion front attempts another maneuver to further limit women’s rights over their own bodies.  This one comes from the state of Iowa, where a petition is being circulated in hopes of making public abortion funding unobtainable to anyone in the state, regardless of the circumstances of their situation.  They seek to end all government funding of Medicaid, arguing that it violates state laws.  This includes (or rather specifically attacks) abortions in cases of rape, incest, severe birth defects and when a birth threatens the life of the mother.

Of course, many of those who will be affected are unable to pay for these services on their own.  To make matters even more ludicrous, the total number of abortions of these types during the entirety of last year adds up to 22, five of which were performed to save the lives of the mothers.  This seems a rather small number of serious cases to garner so much attention from anti-abortion groups.

Facts and Logic 12

Gun Control

Gun Control. Many claims have been made by conservatives and gun enthusiast against the Obama Administration for their stance on gun control. Most of the claims made, including those made by the NRA themselves have proven to be false or extreme exaggerations of the actual facts.

Before we nit pick through facts and logic, let’s look at the current climate regarding our Second Amendment Rights. Nearly 50 percent of American households own some sort of gun. Only 26 percent of the American people favor and all-out ban on handguns. So to say any politician would be pushing an anti-gun legislation would be ridiculous because it would be political suicide.

Church of England debates English Parliament over gay marriage

One of the biggest opponents of marriage rights for same-sex couples remains constant throughout the world - that of the church.  They oftentimes see marriage as something that is the property of religion only and thus their definitions of what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ are the last word on the subject.  They would choose to make marriage a religious practice rather than a right at all, allowed to only those who conform to their spiritual vision.

Vagina: A word to be avoided during abortion debates?

Politics can be a funny little world where little makes sense sometimes.  The abortion debate is one topic that sometimes invites the crazies to come out of the walls and start voicing their opinions.  The latest bit of wacky stupidity comes in the banning of two Michigan politicians for attempting to debate against an anti-abortion bill in a manner that “violated the decorum of the house.”

The setting was a Michigan debate discussing the latest anti-abortion bill; one that is considered by many to be one of the strictest of these legislations in the entire country.  In addition to ignoring many women’s health rights, the bill attacks abortion-providing health care facilities.

Russia sends Syria weapons to protect them from outside intervention

As the problems in Syria escalate, the United Nations struggles to come to a decision as to what to do.  The council is split, with China and Russia voicing their opinion that outside nations need to respect the sovereignty of the small Middle Eastern nation and let things play out as they will.  This has resulted in a perpetual deadlock and a failure on the part of the UN to do anything for the country’s people.  Now, Russia is taking it one step further by backing up its stance on the subject with actions.  A Russian arms supplier is sending more defense to Syria in order to act as a deterrent against outside forces that might seek to get involved regardless of the UN’s official position.

Welcome back, Sandra!

Stick around for the campaign!

Sandra Fluke showed up in the news last week when she wrote an op-ed piece for CNN’s website. Not surprisingly, she came out swinging as an Obama girl. Ms. Fluke announced that she intended to cast her vote for President Obama in November. Of course, she took several swipes at Governor Mitt Romney on behalf of the downtrodden women electorate—as she perceives it.

Syria Meltdown

Massacres and UN Impotence

The violence between rebels and national security forces in Syria continues in its seemingly never-ending cycle of destruction.  After 15 months of revolt against the regime of President Bashar Assad, the country may be looming closer to civil war than ever.  Since its beginnings, the conflict has been slowly but surely escalating.  The UN has attempted to place sanctions on Syria and negotiate peace talks, but nothing has worked thus far.  Now, yet another massacre has taken place, this time in Hama province.

The new killings come less than two weeks after the previous massacre in Houla.  That murderous spree claimed an estimated 108 lives, nearly half of them children.  Witness accounts say that government soldiers and militia shelled the city and then marched in on it, shooting people down in their own homes where they had gone to hide from the violence. 

The Economy Scorecard

Facts and Logic 11

The Return of Facts and Logic 11 With the Presidential Campaign ads already hitting the airwaves and cyberspace, it would be prudent to say that facts and logic couldn’t come at a better time. The candidates will make many claims, both exaggerating facts and figures, misquotes, mudslinging, etc. Hopefully we can clear the fog and bring up some facts.

One of the key issues that both the DFL and GOP will agree upon is the nation's economy. What they don’t agree on is whether is it getting better or worse. And whose fault is it?


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