No fracking way

Today is the International Day of Action Against Fracking.

People all around the world are taking action against fracking (or hydraulic fractioning) today. By now, you’ve probably seen the scary water photos (that the government, of course, assures us are harmless), heard the horror stories, and become aware of how dangerous fracking can be. From ground water contamination to air pollution, flowback to spills, fracking presents a danger to humans as well as our environment and wildlife. So why is it still happening?

Because it’s profitable, of course. Isn’t that always the answer?

Disturbing news this week

Here are some scary and sad news headlines from this week in the world of women and parenting.

Hopefully we can learn from these situations and help improve the world we live in…

Rapist Beheaded by His Victim

You know, everyone is just shocked when we hear stories like this—no matter what part of the world it’s from—wondering just how a woman could resort to such violence. Hmm. Well, when we live in a world where a woman is raped every 90 seconds (that’s in the U.S; in other nations, it’s often more frequently), where less than 10% of rapists spend a day in jail in the United States alone, I don’t see why it’s so shocking at all. This woman, who beheaded her rapist, had also been denied an abortion after she pleaded for one and was five months pregnant due to her assault. Want to stop beheadings? Let women make their own decisions and arrest their freaking rapists.

New Zealand same-sex marriage moves ahead

One more country moves into the 21st century

Yet another country in the world is proving that there is hope for the human race to move beyond its stifling, superstitious past and into a future where all people are possessed of the same rights and privileges.  This time around it’s New Zealand, who recently passed the Marriage Amendment Bill through one of its three needed votes to become law.  This bill officially recognizes same-sex marriages as legal, moving the status of gay couples to more than that of a civil union.

Mitt Romney RNC Speech

Romney reminded us about the greatness of America and how important this election is.

I had all but decided that President Obama should be reelected so that he can be given a chance to guide the United States toward a path of prosperity without having to worry about his job security. But watching and listening to this speech by Mitt Romney at the RNC has changed my mind.

Mitt Romney Speech "RNC" Republican National Convention !

Popcorn butter linked to Alzheimer’s

And other crap news.

The only thing good about bad news is that many of us care enough to fight and change it, and this gives us an opportunity to rally together and do just that. Here are some bad news stories from this week; a couple feature quick ways to help change them, too.

Popcorn butter may cause Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is a disease that is prominent on my radar. I am especially scared of my brain just leaving me like that; I’ve seen it happen and it is terrifying and sad. So when I read that the butter flavoring in popcorn is linked to the disease, my heart sank, since I enjoy popcorn so much. Is nothing yummy safe anymore? The chemical, diacetyl, is also used in carbonated beverages. Double whammy.

Taiwan is leading Asia in LGBT Rights

First gay marriage took place last weekend.

Last weekend saw witness to an event that may very well spell out the shape of things to come for the LGBT population of Taiwan.  The first gay marriage took place, complete with a Buddhist priest and proper Buddhist ritual.  The couple, a pair of women who decided to have the marriage in order to promote the acceptance of gay marriage in their home country.

The Free Speech Argument

And why I'm not buying it.

Last week I wrote about how people are like, so tired and stuff of the Chick-Fil-A stories going around and how people are reacting to it. I must say that I am getting tired, too, but not of the activism and the wonderful support that the gay community is receiving.

I am tired of the laziness; it’s almost as if people have never even heard of a boycott. I guess they have very short memories. I am tired of the hate; but aren’t we all tired of that—at least those of us who want it to stop, anyway? But right now, in this moment, I am just so sick and tired of the same “free speech” argument, which is what I’ve been seeing over and over again, especially by my own so-called open-minded friends.

“He’s just expressing his mind!” they will wail over the CEO’s words.  No, he is not, actually, if you bothered to spend more than two seconds on this issue and any other. They are not just funding anti-marriage campaigns (which is heinous enough) and the denial of 1,400+ rights that gay couples are denied, but they are also providing funding for vile so-called studies that say that lesbians and gays can be “cured,” that gays are pedophiles, that countries like Uganda who want to kill people just for being LGBT should have no problem doing so... And people are OK with this “free speech.”

The Great Gay Chicken Debate

Until a week ago, the name Chick-fil-A meant nothing to me.  If someone would have asked what I thought it meant, my first guess would have been to assume it was the name of some sort of genetically altered chicken product (i.e.: Chicken Filler).  But in the last few weeks, it’s been so much in the news that even people who have never seen a fast food restaurant in their life probably know what Chick-fil-A is and that the company seems to have raised the hackles of LGBT communities everywhere.  We now know they are a company run by a homophobic owner who learned his English skills on the internet.

World Bank updates

Jim Yong Kim becames the 12th President of the World Bank.

The World Bank has a new President: Jim Yong Kim. Many developed countries have criticized the World Bank in its efforts of wealth redistribution in Third World economies. The criticisms go that most developing nations should not be borrowing so much and the World Bank has made it easy for them. Even economists in these governments have indicated the faults of these inefficient borrowing mechanisms.

So do we really need the World Bank? Is it right to fund projects that developing nations cannot afford. As much as people in the West want to find fault with the Third World countries, I feel it is important for the sake of the planet to come together. All nations should get their chance at developing their infrastructure and more importantly the intellectual capital.

Kim Jong-un’s first meeting with Big-Brother China

After seven months on the throne of North Korea, it appears that daddy’s little leader, Kim Jong-un may be growing up a bit.  His recent visit to China marks his first foreign diplomacy move.  Until now, little Kim has been mostly known for walking in the footsteps of his father, waving his fist in the air over nuclear weapons, trying to launch satellites into space and infringing on Disney copyrights.  Now, he takes a trip to the one international super-power that doesn’t hate him.


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