Spain upholds same-sex marriage laws

After a seven-year struggle, the safety of gay marriage in Spain is finally cemented.

This year saw many advances in the realm of LGBT rights across the world.  Here in the United States our election brought forth gains in three states: Maryland, Washington and Maine.  Meanwhile, across the Atlantic Ocean, Spain was also doing their part to ensure that same-sex couples maintained all the rights afforded to opposite-sex couples.  After seven years of tenuous existence, the gay-rights laws of the country were cemented via a ruling from the

Rest easy, America: We are in good hands

I, for one, am glad we didn’t have to set the clocks back 70 years.

My husband and I grasped hands tightly as we watched the screen. Romney was in the lead and our eyes met, troubled, even fearful. Would the next three Supreme Court justices put laws on my body, on my child’s body, that rendered us baby machines worthy of death? Would the next president not only have nothing but disdain for the poor—but for half the entire population? Would he fight to make sure my friends can’t marry, that those who starve stay that way?

In many ways, this felt like a life-or-death election, and the relief we experienced when CBS declared President Obama winner—and Claire McCaskill winner in our state of Missouri­—eased out of us like air from taut, painful balloons. We didn’t scream with joy so much as we had in 2008 but instead trembled with gratitude. Four more years never sounded so good.

Ireland opens its first abortion clinic

In a country that is heavily religious, an important first step for women’s rights

The city of Belfast saw the opening of what is the country of Ireland’s first abortion clinic. Naturally, in this highly religious country, there was some degree of outcry and protest.  About 200 people, both Catholics and Protestants, showed up in front of the clinic to demonstrate on opening day, though the protest was mostly peaceful - a far cry from some of the demonstrations we see here in the U.S.

Illegal Immigrants and Obama

Honest Path to Citizenship

The Presidential Election of 2012 is three weeks away. Republicans are ironclad in their belief that Obama will drive us off the cliff; economically as a nation and financially as a citizen while all the time hurtling us toward Socialism with the lure of unemployment benefits, welfare programs, food stamps and free hospital/health care. Sure, this encourages illegal immigrants to come to this country by offering them the same benefits as citizens. Welfare programs of all types, free education, driver licenses are already being given to illegal immigrants. Even the right to vote is being fought for by the administration.

The Stink of Corruption in Media

CNN selling its news stories and spinning according to the whims of the highest bidder


It’s no surprise that news stations spin their programming in order to promote whatever political agenda that their owners happen to believe in.  They have an interest in keeping people believing one way or the other and see it as a rightful exercise of their power and control.  But now it’s being shown that news agencies will go even further than just being biased - they’re willing to sell their coverage to those who can pay their price.

Pro-lifer Scott DesJarlais Attempts to Force Mistress to have Abortion

Hypocrisy in the anti-abortion movement is exposed, but will people listen?


The pro-life front is caught up in yet another case of hypocrisy.  This one involves Republican Congressman Scott DesJarlais, a representative from Tennessee.  His transgression is that some tapes were released detailing a conversation that DesJarlais had with his mistress (at the time), trying to convince her to abort their unborn child.

Violence Hits the Gay Community in Russia

As the fight for gay rights moves ahead, there are always those who feel the need to respond to progress with violence


The struggle to promote gay rights in Russia is not an easy one.  Even though Russia is progressing in their social programs, a heavily religious population and some throw-back draconian laws prevent the movement from receiving even the limited rights that the LGBT community in American enjoys.  The churches scream loudly to make all things homosexual illegal and the government passes laws to hedge in activity by the community as a whole.  And though gay rights activists make attempts to fight, sometimes the backlash can be quite tragic, as was the case this last week.

Anti-gay group uses couple’s engagement photo for its agenda

Public Advocate turns a happy memory into a nightmare for gay couple and gets sued.

In another classic moment of WTF from the anti-gay front, a nonprofit hate group called the Public Advocate of the United States decided to pillage a gay couple’s engagement photo for its own twisted purposes.  The photo, which depicts the couple kissing, had its background altered to look gloomy and an anti-gay message plastered across it.  These altered images were then used as mailers to help promote Public Advocate’s agenda.

Remembering Troy Davis

Ask that his execution be investigated.

A year has passed since the execution of Troy Davis, a man who was probably innocent. Though further light was shed on his supposed crime that pointed toward his innocence—including statements from Troy that were coerced by police as well as false eyewitness reports—his execution was still performed. Many dub it murder, considering the facts and evidence available, including this blogger.

Stop the lead poisoning of wildlife

Your voice is needed by Monday, September 24!

Remember all of those stealthy sneak attacks that the senate loved to hide from us back in the Bush II days? I suppose they have always existed, but that’s when they were first known to me. It seems that Obama’s administration—or our Republican-led senate, at least—likes to use these little shifty techniques as well.

On Monday, they plan on sneaking a vote in on a bill that would prevent the use of lead in firearms and fishing tackle. Why would you want lead in your food, you have to wonder? The harm in using the lead is not only to the animals themselves—even if they escape with a flesh wound, they’ll get lead poisoning—but in us! This ammunition ends up in our land and water, contaminating our resources as well theirs.


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