President Obama chickens out signing gay rights bill

President Obama, the promiser of many things and deliverer of next to none of those things, has once again shown his reluctance to take a stand.  An executive order came across his desk that would have made workplace discrimination based on sexuality and gender identity illegal, but he refused to sign it.  This is despite the fact that he had promised to be an advocate of these acts and expressed his intention to eliminate such workplace discrimination.

Of course, his public mouthpiece denies that there was any sort of ulterior motive revolving around this decision.  He stated that the Obama administration was still dedicated to helping the LGBT community, regardless of the President’s decision on this particular act.

Ukraine has unique way of fighting abortion ban

A topless protest


A very controversial bill is being addressed in the Ukraine as of late, one that would ban outright nearly all forms of abortion within the entire country.  In protest, the Ukrainian branch of the feminist group Femen has decided to take their shirts off to let the world know how they feel. 

Currently, abortion is legal to the 12th week.  This bill would ban it completely except for special cases.  Medical emergencies are one of these special cases, as are incidents where the family has a history of genetic diseases.  Another case, and one that seems quite odd to me personally, is when the father of the unborn child is dead.  Apparently, in the Ukraine a single mother is not looked upon very highly.

Michele's history of racist gaffes

Michele Bachmann made headlines this week for accusing President Obama of "waving a tar baby" when it comes to energy policy. She quickly backpedaled on the comment, and her reps insisted she was not aware of the term as a racial slur and was using "tar baby" as a metaphor for a "sticky situation."

She seems to find herself in quite a few of her own sticky situations regarding race.

Gallup Poll Reveals Public Majority Feels Taxes Are "Fair"

Contrary to what many on Capitol Hill may preach, feelings of tax fairness are at a decade high.

Politics is perception, and the national narrative is shifting. In the 2008 the focus for Americans went from one of economic uncertainty and a heavily war-fatigued public to one of, as Obama’s opponents love to rehash, “hope and change”. In 2010, during the midterm elections, the Tea party talking points of limited government, spending and tax cuts, dominated the national discussion. Now, we’ve seen another shift in the last several months. In fact, one might be able to put an exact date on it: September 17th, 2011.

Romney’s policies

Mitt Romney has not always been parroting the policies that his all-star economic advisers would like.

Mitt Romney has two degrees from Harvard University and he also had a very successful career running Bain Capital. It would be fair to assume then that he likes to be the best at what he does and also surround himself with the best and the brightest. It seems to be the case because he has put together a team of all-star economic advisers that include renowned economist Gregory Mankiw and the dean of Columbia Business School Glenn Hubbard.

Fourteen-Year-Old Commits Suicide

Kenneth Weishuhn came out only this year and received constant bullying as a result.

I cringe to use the word another prefacing this statement; a gay teen from Iowa has committed suicide after what family and friends report as a brutal, personal bullying campaign. Weishuhn only came out to friends and family this year, but his bravery was rewarded with the loss of friends, harassment and death threats via cell phone, and even a hate group on Facebook.

"Mommy Wars" as a political fixture

Can Mrs. Romney relate to middle class mothers?

Commentator Hilary Rosen created an uproar of media chatter when she accused stay-at-home mom Ann Romney of never working a day in her life during a discussion on women's economic issues.

Rosen later apologized, but the issue had already established itself as a national talking point. Are stay-at-home moms working moms? Which political party represents a platform that is more mom-friendly? How are economic issues and a woman's parenting decisions related?

While it is generally considered poor form  to drag political spouses and children into policy debates, since the media has taken off with this issue, I find myself wishing someone would come out with more information about exactly what Mrs. Romney's life as a stay-at-home-mom was like. It seems to me that a mother who spent much of her life changing diapers, making family budgets, grocery shopping, and attending PTA meetings would be a more valuable messenger of the average mother's concerns than a mother who spent much of her life delegating these tasks to the full time household help.

Corporate Charity: Not What You Think

Don't be fooled; corporations and big business are not "builders of the community" so much as "sustainers of the inequity".

It’s true that many of the corporations that operate within the United States are also some of the most generous “givers” in terms of charity. Charitable donations by corporate entities amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars nationwide, shoring up low-income kids seeking a college education, food programs for starving children worldwide, or financial support for wounded veterans. Up front, these charitable donations seem to cast a very positive light on corporations, a fact that they understand and advertise. The reality is that corporations’ charities are a smokescreen for something that sounds far more “corporate”; their bottom line.

Tax Day has arrived

What government program are you helping fund?

It is here once again! No, not Christmas, or Halloween – no, not even my Anniversary.  It is Tax Day.  A day that millions of Americans wait for with baited breath.  Even though we filed our taxes a month ago, today is still an exciting day for me.  I work in the mailing and shipping industry and get to hear a lot of stories.  To some I am like their bartender or therapist.  So, as Tax Day rolls around I get to hear about the evils of our government, the excitement over a tax refund, and the woes of having to pay (and waiting until the last minute to do so).

President Obama rakes in $53M in March for his re-election campaign

Obama steps up his campaign finances to prepare for what is expected to be a close presidential election

According to federal filings, Obama has increased the amount of money for his campaign in March by bringing in $53M. This is more than the $45M that he brought in the previous month of February and he is actually on track to hit the unprecedented $750M that he was able to raise in the presidential race of 2008.

All this is very important for the Obama campaign when you take into account the fact that Mitt Romney is actually getting more traction among voters according to a poll that was conducted by Reuters/Ipsos. Romney has narrowed the lead that Obama had on him after it has become evident to voters that Romney will be the nominee for the GOP.


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