Fear Tactics Dominate Pot Debate too

Three Things Will Happen When Pot is Legal:

Revenue will shift from Gangs, Cartels and Hippies to the State and the People

Gangs will lose a huge chunk of their revenue: Right now most weed is grown in the United States for personal use and friend networks and that weed is not measureable. A large amount still comes across the border from Mexico and is partially fueling the drug wars on the border. Cocaine is a large part of that as well. Once the drugs are here they are sold on the street by Mexican and black gangs.  That money is supporting the gangs and cartels, but not a drop is going to the United States.

Jobs will be created (Validated and taxed actually)

Sweden and Pirates

I love Sweden. The men are hot. The women are hot. The latest news out of Sweden has made me even more effusive about the country. Without having been there, I have just developed a DEEP and possibly undying love for all things Swedish. (Well, maybe not all)

Socialism and beautiful blonde men and women are certainly a draw to Sweden, but they do not even begin to compare to the fact that Sweden has elected a Pirate to the EU. AAAAARRRR! Sweden and Pirates- Are there any two words in the English language that sound better together? I think not.

Who Is Senator Arlen Specter?

2009 has been, to put it bluntly, one hell of a political roller coaster. No election cycle in recent memory has been as contested and dramatic as '08-'09, and with good reason. Between 2000 and 2006, the entire US government was essentially Republican-controlled. In the 2006 Congressional elections the US House of Representatives moved hard to the left while the Senate made significant strides likewise. In 2008 the Senate completed its shift to a slim Democrat majority, but the changing tides haven't rolled back yet. Senator Al Franken is well on his way to a seat representing Minnesota, for one.


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