Africa Breaking Down Borders to Alleviate Starvation

Starvation in Africa is an ongoing issue which has plagued the continent since ancient times.  In the modern world, even though so many countries have a massive surplus of food, this problem still continues.  Famines and droughts are a regular occurrence and episodes of starvation frequently end in millions of people going without food and a large portion of these dying because of it.   Recently, a United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Regional Conference addressed this issue and proposed a solution that will benefit everyone.  In addition to receiving international food aid, they have suggested that Africa set up a failsafe to prepare themselves against the inevitable threat of famine.

Arizona takes a step backwards in health care

Arizona is already one of the most restrictive states when it comes to abortion laws.  They have enacted the 20-week maximum limit, require women to consult a doctor right before having an abortion and have limited the types of abortions that nurse practitioners are allowed to perform.  Now, a new law aimed at limiting it even further has just been passed that will have further-reaching consequences than just dealing with abortion.

The Whole Woman’s Health Funding Priority Act bans all health providers from receiving state funding if they in any way perform or are associated with those who perform abortions.  This limitation to state funding does not just pull from abortions, but also from every other health-related service that these facilities provide.  Family planning, birth control, sex education, cancer screenings, counseling and other general care services will all suffer.

Gay Rights Labeled Propaganda in St. Petersburg, Russia

Russia is known more for its highly religious population and legacy of hard-line communist rule than for civil rights.  Both the Russian government and its people have a history of notoriously anti-gay sentiments.  The recent mayor of Moscow has expressed his belief that Gay Pride parades are satanic and a recent poll showed that 74 percent of Russians believe that those who practice LGBT lifestyle are either “amoral” or “mentally defective.”  This does create an environment that is conducive to making progress in the realm of rights for this minority of Russian society.  Until 1993, being gay was considered a crime, but even now that it has been legalized there are still many hurdles to overcome.

Protect the gun owners; leave the gays behind

Missouri has embarrassed me yet again.

Do I love my state? I don’t have an attachment to it over any other state, really. My progressive friends across the nation—and the ocean—cheer me on for living here as a voice of opposition against the far right-wingers we’ve got in Missouri, but the truth is that if I had the funds to relocate and a nice place to move to (either coast would be nice, though I’m partial to the Eastern seaboard), my family and I would do it. Somewhere blue would be nice—and I do mean that in a political sense.

In my state, there’s plenty of discrimination. One form of discrimination that is most heinous is that you can get FIRED for simply being gay; it’s not illegal in any sense. The “Don’t Say Gay” bill that Missourians are considering right now—another blow to both my heart and my growing sense of humiliation—is a reflection of just how much my state considers LGBT citizens to be less than people.

Newt’s Out!

Does anyone really care?

Newt Gingrich is out – well, mostly.  He announced that he would suspend his campaign and through his ginormous ego and support behind Mitt Romney.  Wait…is this the same Newt who vowed to stay in the Republican presidential contest right up to the national convention in late August?  Yes, the very same.  So the question is, why now?  Did Gingrich finally grasp the reality that his campaign shut down months ago?  Or was it something else?

On strike against work

Unwashed and unwilling to work

On April 28 of this year, the Occupy Wall Street Movement begins to gear up to attempt to influence the presidential election of 2012. Once again, the unwashed, ungrateful and unmotivated will gather in approximately 128 cities around the world—according to the Occupy website—to rail against the success of others.

California joins the fight against trend of restrictive abortion laws

There is a movement in several states to pass as many laws as possible and make them as restrictive as possible in order to prevent women from being able to get abortions easily.  This type of legislation has been passing left and right in recent years.  Just a few examples of what some states are implementing include requiring ultrasounds or counseling, banning abortions after a certain number of weeks, removing funding from public abortion services such as those provided by Planned Parenthood and closing abortion clinics outright.  Some of these restrictions are so tough that it makes it nearly impossible for women to get the procedure without jumping through a thousand hoops.

Using religion to support gay rights

Normally one of the worst enemies of rights for those in the LGBT community, religion is taking a turn for the better as spiritual leaders in Maine seek to help reverse the 2009 decision which blocked the ability of same-sex couples to get married.  In order to help them win this battle, they are taking a different approach to the situation.  They are using faith-based arguments to help sway other religious voters that gay marriage is not something that is directly opposed by the teachings of the Bible.

Missouri joins the Don’t Say Gay Club

I now officially live in one of the most bigoted states.

For months, I have been ranting and raving about how much that stupid Tennessee “Don’t Say Gay” bill is the most ridiculous waste of taxpayer time and money ever. While political pundits speak about how much we need to stop bullying and teen suicide, bills like this exist to only increase such violence. And now, just when I thought it was evident how ridiculous it is, my own state, Missouri, has jumped on the gay hating bandwagon.

We are now considering HB 2051, a bill that would ban the discussion of sexual orientation in public schools. Not only would this bill help encourage the stereotypes and hatred that lead to the bullying behavior that’s already occurring; it would also ban Gay-Straight Alliances and other organizations within schools that are often the only places that these teens have to turn to. It’s almost as if Missouri politicians want to encourage further bullying and suicides.


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