Chinese newspapers fighting censorship

The first step on a long road to freedom of speech?

In a bit of encouraging news coming out of China (for once), an important newspaper in the country made an attempt to protest the government putting its fingers into the publication and censoring its content.  China isn’t known for being accommodating when it comes to letting their media sources say exactly what they want and this particular case involved the newspaper attempting to run an editorial during their New Year’s addition.  The government censors

Pretending to be gay isn’t learning tolerance.

Are you gonna get pregnant to see what that’s like next, Mister?

Have you heard about this Christian guy who spent a whole year of his life pretending to be gay just so he could “understand” gay people better? The guy was raised as a Christian and taught that being gay is a sin or whatever—but not that it’s reprehensible to, say, work on Sundays or touch a pig’s skin, as the Bible clearly states, but you know how some people like to pick and choose—and when his friend came out to him as a lesbian, he wanted to understand her. He wanted to so much that he came out to his family, had a fake boyfriend, and pretended to be gay to the entire world for a year.

You, sir, are despicable. What’s next, getting pregnant and having a baby to “understand” women? You’ll need a period first, bucko; good luck with that one.

GOP rethinks abortion stance

When your party is flailing, what can you do? Switch sides, of course.

It looks like there’s a schism in the Republican Party where it comes to their stance on abortion.  The last election went poorly and now some of them are rethinking whether they should be making abortion into a big issue at all.  Future elections could possibly turn in their favor should they include one less hard-line element in their campaigns.  The man making the biggest stink about it is Senator John McCain, although not all of his fellow party members are pleased with this.

Teacher suspended for allowing gay rights song to play in class

At what point will the gay rights movement be considered worthy to teach in classrooms?

This week’s report of the ignorance involves a teacher in Michigan who decided to let one of her students play a song in class that just happened to promote gay rights.  It was a rap song by artists Macklemore and Ryan Lewis entitled “Same Love.”  

U.S. finds friends in Syria, Iran and North Korea

When it comes to protecting our right to kill criminals, we’ll side with pretty much anyone.

The United States is usually known for being the enemy of certain non-democratic states, including such places as Syria, China, Iran and North Korea.  But in some cases, we put aside our differences and work with these “evil” powers to get things done.  It is unfortunate, however, that what we are seeking to get done as of late is the blocking of a UN resolution that will place an international moratorium on

The Continuing Conflict in Palestine

As things begin to escalate, the fate of the Palestinian people hangs in the balance


The conflict between Israel and Palestine has been going on for decades, ever since the Israeli forced occupation of the region.  Back and forth the problems continue, with both sides to blame for the seemingly endless violence.  Israel wishes to assert its control over Palestine, even going so far as to commit countless human rights abuses.  Palestine seeks to break away from Israel’s grip and many within the country see aggressive action as the only option to make this happen.  But regardless of the reasons, the end result is death.

Irish Abortion Laws Lead to Death of Miscarrying Mother

Do abortion laws threaten people based on their choice of religion?


It’s been all over the news as of late - a young woman dying in an Irish hospital because doctors refused to administer an abortion.  In case you haven’t been keeping up, the basics are that the woman was suffering from blood poisoning and tried to get an abortion due to her failing health.  Unfortunately, Ireland has some of the strictest laws when it comes to abortion and so the doctors denied her.  She finally ended up having a miscarriage and then the doctors removed the dead fetus, but it was by that time too late.  Her health had become so bad that she eventually succumbed and died.


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