Help Indonesia Tsunami Victims

Hundreds of lives were lost in last week's terrible Indonesian tsunami caused by Anak Krakatau volcano, which continues to cause issues both in the area as well as for flights near Indonesia. The volcano's activity remains active, creating a danger zone around the area for five miles. Previously it had been two. Tourists and locals alike have been forbidden to step within a five-mile radius.

Go on a News Fast

My parents watch the news, which would drive me bonkers. That stuff is even more emotional and rage-inducing than written news, and on purpose. I'm always telling them to turn Fox off, as it's only manufactured to upset them, but they don't care. They come from a generation where your news came from the TV. I can't say that I read any papers other than our local one, at least in physical form, but I do read quite a few news outlets online and it still gets rather depressing.

When Turnout Numbers Matter More Than Human Lives

At least 30 people have died in the devastating wake of Hurricane Harvey, but if you hear Donald Trump speak about it, you would think it's some kind of amazing accomplishment. Not only had Trump tweeted excited Tweets about the flooding being "unprecedented" and "HISTORIC," but when he came to Texas to address flood victims he actually spent time talking about how great the "turnout" was. 

RIP, Great Barrier Reef

Remember when they warned us in school that the Great Barrier Reef was changing over the years and if we didn’t address climate change, it would die? It died. About 1,400 miles of living coral and the animals that called it home is now not much more than an oceanic wasteland. Scientists have officially declared the Great Barrier Reef to be dead after living for 25 million years.

Chinese newspapers fighting censorship

The first step on a long road to freedom of speech?

In a bit of encouraging news coming out of China (for once), an important newspaper in the country made an attempt to protest the government putting its fingers into the publication and censoring its content.  China isn’t known for being accommodating when it comes to letting their media sources say exactly what they want and this particular case involved the newspaper attempting to run an editorial during their New Year’s addition.  The government censors


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