Just Say No to Trump's Birth Control Rules

When it comes to medicine, things should be left to the experts, in which most cases include the medical team and the person whose body is in question and knows said body best. Your employer, the government, and everyone in between has zero say on whether or not you get your tonsils removed, get breast augmentation or laser surgery on your eyes, so why in the heck would they have a say on whether or not you can get birth control on "moral grounds?" That's what Trump and co are trying to make happen, even though federal courts have already ruled that it's not legal. 

Take action: Women’s freedoms, safe food and family issues

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Even though many champions of family issues were elected during this election, we still have plenty of people in Congress who don’t care if women die from pregnancy, who didn’t get the memo that America is largely pro-choice and, at the very least, pro-birth control. We have to keep the pressure on! Click below to help out.

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Rest easy, America: We are in good hands

I, for one, am glad we didn’t have to set the clocks back 70 years.

My husband and I grasped hands tightly as we watched the screen. Romney was in the lead and our eyes met, troubled, even fearful. Would the next three Supreme Court justices put laws on my body, on my child’s body, that rendered us baby machines worthy of death? Would the next president not only have nothing but disdain for the poor—but for half the entire population? Would he fight to make sure my friends can’t marry, that those who starve stay that way?

In many ways, this felt like a life-or-death election, and the relief we experienced when CBS declared President Obama winner—and Claire McCaskill winner in our state of Missouri­—eased out of us like air from taut, painful balloons. We didn’t scream with joy so much as we had in 2008 but instead trembled with gratitude. Four more years never sounded so good.

What’s the cruelest food you’ve eaten?

Yahoo! Health lists eight of the top cruelest foods.

If you talk to me about cruel foods—or food with a face—I really do understand. I do not eat meat frequently; in fact, I was a strict vegetarian before I became pregnant with my daughter. The cruelest foods, to me, are veal and foie gras, two so-called foods I will not eat. I also won’t eat lobster or any other live animal, and don’t see how anyone else could.

Rape is not a gift from God

And neither the hell are you, Richard Mourdock.

If you haven’t heard yet, Richard Mourdock, a Tea Party Republican candidate for Senate, made a statement so heinous yesterday several people I know broke things after hearing him say it. Okay, so did I.

Mourdock said that women should be forced to carry their pregnancies to full term from a rape because said pregnancies are a “gift from God.” Let me tell you something, Rich. Can I call you Rich? My middle name, Jean, literally does mean “gift from God,” so you can feel free to use that one. But a rape, or a pregnancy resulting from rape—which accounts for at least 32,000 pregnancies a year, by the way—is no gift. Are you that stupid, or simply that cruel, Dick? Can I call you dick?

Ireland opens its first abortion clinic

In a country that is heavily religious, an important first step for women’s rights

The city of Belfast saw the opening of what is the country of Ireland’s first abortion clinic. Naturally, in this highly religious country, there was some degree of outcry and protest.  About 200 people, both Catholics and Protestants, showed up in front of the clinic to demonstrate on opening day, though the protest was mostly peaceful - a far cry from some of the demonstrations we see here in the U.S.


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