Russia Is Owning Us In Every Which Way

If we found out that Russia had hacked our election while Obama was in office, he'd have been impeached within two years. This lack of balance of powers is beyond ridiculous and as much as I don't agree with Republicans, I never, in all my life, thought they'd be siding with Russia over America, and yet here we are. Rather than risk their president puppet, Republicans would rather pretend there's no real issue at hand while Russia hacks at us in every which way, from elections to Face Apps.

Genetic Ownership

Does it ever feel like Congress wants anything good for the American people? There are so many partisan bills and laws that seem to be designed to keep the poor poor, the disenfranchised disenfranchised and the rich rich. I can't be alone in feeling so overwhelmed by the daily news cycle, without even watching news programs, that sometimes it makes me sick to my stomach. 

Women Deserve More Rights Than Corpses

We have at least 700 maternal deaths per year. Many of them are preventable with quality care and, yes, abortion. That doesn't include the thousands of pregnancy-related diseases, complications and injuries women sustain and are affected by for life. There are also over 400,000 children in the U.S. foster care system. With these statistics in mind, as well as the lengths desperate women have gone to in the past to save their lives through back-alley abortions before Roe vs.

Trashtag Challenge

The Green New Deal gives me so much hope, but as long as we have a Republican-controlled Sentate I can't see it going anywhere just yet and we seem to be running out of time. If we want to clean up this planet for future generations to not only enjoy but simply live on, we have to make drastic changes immediately. While the current Trashtag Challenge probably won't get us there, it's something we can do while we try to impeach those in office and wait to vote for those who could, you know, pass legislation to save our lives.

Has it really come to this? LOLSOB

Comey Fired by Trump

No, Donald Trump never hired James Comey as the director of the FBI, but he may has well made a BFF handshake with the man. Many analysts are crediting Comey with costing Hillary Clinton the election, given his grave concern over her emails and lack of worry over Trump's many security risks. Yesterday, however, Trump fired the person who helped him get the job he was highly unqualified for, sparking intense outrage, given that Comey was currently investigating Trump for his ties to Russia, presumbably among many other things. 

Schumer Requests Gorsuch Vote Delay

To many progressives, it's difficult to cheer any action from the Left these days. While a few select members of the Democratic party are fighting tooth and nail against the plethora of orders from Capitol Hill, on the whole progressive leaders seem to be pretty meek in the face of a conservative-controlled House and Senate. While conservatives blocked everything Obama attempted to pass for eight years straight, liberals aren't giving up even half that fight, and Senator Chuck Schumer is no exception.


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