Bill Clinton praises President Obama's economic policies

Clinton states that President Obama has a plan.


Most Americans are disgruntled with the economy and anything that the media says about a recovery is met with disapproval. This Clinton ad in support of Obama may get a mixed reaction, but it definitely works for the Obama campaign.

The Romney campaign had done a great job in painting a picture to the American public that Bill Clinton and President Obama do not agree on many of the policies being implemented by the Obama administration. The Obama campaign has now made use of Clinton very effectively.

Romney makes more international enemies

The "king of anti-foreign policy" is not popular in China

Mitt Romney is quickly gaining a reputation as the king of anti-foreign policy.  In his effort to become President, he is willing to say whatever he needs to get America behind him.  Unfortunately, this often means blasting other countries with little foresight to what the future of the Presidency would hold for him.  He already managed to make an ass of himself in England with some pre-Olympic remarks.  Now he is miming some anti-Chinese sentiment and pissing off one of the largest economies in the world.

Firstly, he decided he would mock their efforts at a successful space program.  In one speech, he pointed out that China’s desire for a manned moon mission is 43 years behind the times (or rather, behind the U.S.).  China has made amazing progress in the realm of space exploration despite the difficulties imposed upon them by other countries that don’t want to cooperate with them.  They also happen to be very proud of their accomplishments and to insult them on that level by mocking their “backwardness” is worse than clumsy political rhetoric - it’s childlike and blatantly insulting.

Republican anti-abortion fails and the election year

Varied views from Republican candidates

The Republican National Convention is fast approaching and in preparation the platform committee got together to discuss what the party’s views should be this election year.  They decided, among other things, to adopt a Human Life Amendment.  This ‘amendment’ makes a declaration that the party wishes to ban abortion almost completely, expanding the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to include all unborn children, from the moment of conception.  This would effectively make it murder to have an abortion unless the “due process of law” (i.e.: the judgment of wealthy white folks) allowed for it.

Medicare: Who's to blame?

Facts and Logic 18

Facts and Logic 18. The latest buzz-word amongst the candidates is “Medicare.” Who’s trying to abolish it? Who’s trying to make it more difficult to get? Who’s lying about what they’re going to do with it?

Here’s the actual phrase that you will hear from now until November and perhaps points after:

A Republican member of Congress voted to end Medicare as we know it."

This “scare” has especially seen light since Romney’s naming congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate.

Wisconsin representative Ryan, had made a 2010 proposal revamping our current Medicare system. Democrats are saying that his plan forces seniors to pay $6,000 more for their medical care. While this is true, Ryan’s plan in 2010 was to keep traditional Medicare for current beneficiaries until 2023, then new beneficiaries would get a choice between private insurance or traditional Medicare with the government offering a stipend for costs.

Mitt Romney’s camp has also made the claim that Obama’s health law "ended Medicare as we know it."

Mitt Romney: Not releasing taxes because of Mormon tithing

Another lame excuse

Democrats are calling for Mitt Romney to release his 2010 income tax return to the public, but he has yet to do so. As the LA Times and the Washington Post report, Romney’s Mormonism is one of the reasons that Mitt Romney is claiming that he wants to keep his tax records and contributions as private as he possibly can.  

As the Romneys told Parade, the Romneys feel that the tithing that they do to the Mormon Church should be private. Traditionally, Mormons tithe 10 percent of their earnings each year to the Mormon Church. Ann Romney reportedly cries when she sends her 10 percent to the Mormon Church. Mitt feels that his tithing is a personal reflection of his deep commitment to God and his church and admitting how much he tithed “would reveal how much he has given to the Mormon Church.”

Filibuster, while Rome burns

The enabling media

In the interest of being fair and balanced, the FOX Network bends over backward to accommodate Democrats, often letting them off the hook without getting any answer to the question they were asked. The Sunday talk shows such as Face the Nation, Meet the Press and This Week with George Stephanopoulos pose either softball questions or become involved in carrying water for the Democratic party. The problem is simple. The President of the United States has set an example that his party members follow to the letter; he filibusters.

The Presidential Election

Who to vote for at this point?

The Presidential Election is in November and I am going to revisit this post when we get closer to the date. But for now, after absorbing everything about both candidates what would I do?

I think the best way to go about it is to look at the weaknesses and strengths of both candidates. Even as I am writing this up, I am wondering to myself how many people are really going to research and make an informed decision. I was just watching on TV about how the state of Pennsylvania is going to ask for voter ID before an individual can cast their vote.

This call for a photo ID could result in a victory for the Republicans in Pennsylvania for the simple reason that Romney supporters are more likely to have a voter ID to present to the officials. In other words, there are people out – a lot of them – who approach voting as an economic cost. And who can blame them?

But I am guessing if you have been reading this blog, you probably are fairly well educated and won't approach voting as an economic cost. So it’s your job to do what I am about to tell you as a free market voter and then tell as many people as you can. Here it goes.


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