Move Over, Bernie

Everyone keeps saying they don't want Hilary Clinton to run again, but here I am saying that Bernie Sanders should also move over this time around. It's not that I don't like Bernie--or either candidate, for that matter; I admire and like many things about both of them, and I don't like or admire other things about them, which is what I'll say about everyone else who's running for Democratic office, too.

Resist Today

You have to wonder if people who experienced times of turbulence in their nations like the U.S. is currently experiencing ever suspected that fascism might take over, that a dictatorship could arise. I'm not saying that's happening right now, but we are seeing unprecedented accounts of blatant rule violations, barriers to democracy and foreign intrustion into politics like I've never seen in my lifetime. It's definitely something that should be on everyone's radar. 

Elizabeth Porter Doesn't Care About Children

You gotta love a struggling politician grasping at straws... or strawman arguments... except when you absolutely can't because they're being heartless beasts. Especially when said heartless beasts are given A ratings by the NRA. Putting money and your career before the lives of Americans, no matter what their age might be, is a sure sign that you don't need to be in office anymore.

Getting Young People Involved in Politics

As often as people complain about Millennials, the fact remains that we need them more than ever to run the country. It's not even a matter of principles, although they do tend to be more upward, tolerant thinkers. Nope, it's all about whose laws affect whom, and when people who are in their 60s continue to shape our laws, it's simply unfair that people half their age are the ones who have to live with them. The people who have to live with the laws should be the ones who develop them in the first place.

Let's Talk Impeachment

Anyone who claimed that Hilary Clinton was a security threat because of her emails last year who refuses to demand Trump's impeachment now for the same (worse, really) reasons must now admit that they never felt that Clinton was a security risk and that they simply hated her. Much of that is certainly rooted in sexism, but even if it's not, Donald Trump is the grosses example of not only a security threat but treason in modern America. How can Republicans fuel a lengthy investigation and waste of tax dollars over sex in the oval office but ignore this terrible danger?

Paul Ryan admits that Trump is a racist

But he still supports Trump

Has Trump finally gone too far? He recently made comments about the judge appointed to oversee the trial of Trump University is biased because of his Mexican heritage. Evidently, according to Donald Trump, only another white person could possibly be fair enough to judge Trump University?

Trump dismissed accusations that his comments were racist. “He’s a Mexican,” Trump said. “We’re building a wall between here and Mexico.”

Sanders supporters causing chaos

Calls for Bernie to rein in his boys

The vast majority of Bernie Sanders’ supporters are calm, rational, intelligent people. Then you have the “Bernie bros,” a small but vocal minority (as they say) who are not happy with the current state of things. A group of Bernie bros kicked up a fuss at the Nevada State Democratic Convention this week, where they harassed several female speakers including Senator Barbara Boxer and Senator Dianne Feinstein.

Trump walking back his “Muslim ban” comments

We all knew it would happen

Last December, Donald Trump issued an unequivocal statement that he believed we should enact a “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” Some people protested that banning an entire religion of 1.6 billion people from entering the country was extreme, ludicrous, racist, and unenforceable. But Trump’s supporters ate it up, and his dramatic statement helped propel him to the top of the polls.


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