Obama reaching out to single women voters

Single women are the new target demographic

Every election year, the media focuses on who the swing voters who will turn the tide of the election. This year, the focus has been on the loosely-identified “independent voter” and now the New York Times just ran a piece identifying single women as another key demographic in this year’s presidential election.

From the New York Times:

“And though they lean Democratic — in a recent New York Times/CBS News poll, single women favored Mr. Obama over his Republican rival, Mitt Romney, by 29 points — they are also fickle about casting their ballots, preoccupied with making ends meet and alienated from a political system they say is increasingly deaf to their concerns.”

According to the NYT article, Obama’s campaign has been stressing issues that are of particular importance to women, such as Planned Parenthood funding. The problem, however, is that single women have not been faring well economically in the past four years. While a majority of single women polled are not holding Obama responsible for their economic struggles, over half of the households with single parents at the helm received federal assistance.

Washington State: Have you voted for Jay Inslee yet?

Mail Your Ballot by August 7

Have you voted for Jay Inslee for Governor yet? Caught you, didn’t I? You probably forgot that there was a primary going on now?

If you live in the great state of Washington, you are most likely enjoying the sunshine and feeling carefree in the summer sun. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to vote. You might see your primary election ballot on your desk and sigh in relief knowing that you have until September to get your ballots in.

But you would be wrong. Ballots in Washington State must be postmarked no later than August 7th.  That’s Tuesday, August 7th.

Record spending by Obama campaign

The latest from the campaign trail.

President Obama has spent about $400 million. President Obama celebrated his birthday today by playing golf and then having a party with a few old buddies at Camp David. It was, however, a far cry from his 2010 birthday party which had a basketball tournament that made headlines because of the number of college and NBA stars that played in the tournament.

The President has amped up his campaign and been asking his supporters for donations in efforts to get reelected. The Democratic Party has usually thought of the President as being able to come up with sufficient financing, but this time around they are a little worried. The anxiety has increased even more since President Obama has been unable to have the same effect with his attack ads and overall ad campaign as he did in the past.

Cheney's comments on Palin

Conservative icons

Truly, this situation of Vice President Cheney’s remarks regarding Sarah Palin as the GOP Vice President nominee in 2008 is a conundrum. Dick Cheney is a conservative icon who is determined, despite health issues that would sideline most people, to aggressively support and further conservative beliefs. To this end, he takes as many opportunities as makes sense to him, to speak his mind on all matters Republican.

And Republicans listen. They listen with a calm reserve—putting emotion aside—considering what Vice President Cheney has to say. He speaks plainly, unhesitatingly and without any attempt at political speak. Cheney’s long service in many positions in government, the gravitas (justly earned) and consideration of factors that he brought to many decisions regarding world security are understated but will stand tall in history books.

Obama, not again!

Can he bribe for votes?

The newest revelation from the Obama campaign scales the heights of absurdity. The same man who ran for President in 2008 on a message of “Hope and Change” and rescue from the “Worst Economic Calamity” since the Great Depression is now, at the tail end of his first term attempting to “borrow” from the performance of previous Democratic Presidents.

The reason is simple and transparent to all; the man does not have a record on which to run. In fact, the only thing he has accomplished is to get a Democratic Senate to pass his Health Care Bill and that narrowly. The threat of this bill actually going into effect is the biggest impediment to the nation working its way out of the current economic crisis. Big businesses and small businesses alike are scared beyond the ability to defecate. They are not about to invest money in people or equipment until the election is decided against President Obama.

Clubbing the great "seal"

Facts and Logic 15

Facts and Logic 15. Both the Fox News and viral e-mails regarding the “sealing” of President Obama’s records have long since been defunct and yet, with the election season getting into full swing they’ve resurfaced again.

Voting is a responsibility, and it is better to make an “informed vote” not one based on lies or exaggerations of the facts. So here at “The League of Right Wing Voters” we’d like to have the final word on this rumor of “Obama’s Sealed Records.”

First and foremost, many records of presidential candidates are not ordinarily released and stay confidential. The term “sealed” means it would have to be a document that normally would be public but was “sealed” by a court. The records that are claimed to be sealed are actually public record and are not “sealed,” while others are private records and are ordinarily not asked to be seen and cannot be released unless given permission by the owner of the document. The ones Obama has not released are done so under the law and are the same documents that other Presidential Candidates have not released either.

America's troubling turn

Our country's wrong turn

I recently had occasion spend some time in the hospital. My first roommate was in his mid-fifties and after he left, I soon welcomed another who was in his early seventies. In neither case did either of us ask the other our political leanings nor did a blatant political discussion erupt at any time. What did happen was that as the news unfolded daily on television, we discovered through mutual shakes of the head, grunts and sighs that we were—in the cases of both roommates and myself—all Republicans.

New Anti-Romney campaign highlights his true LGBT leanings

A new campaign put on by the LGBT community is helping to bring light to presidential candidate Mitt Romney and the truth behind his agenda when it comes to gay rights.  Headed by American Bridge 21st Century, the campaign is titled “Mitt Gets Worse.”  Its main feature is a website that contains videos from people who have had past experiences with Romney regarding LGBT issues and have decided to share those encounters with the public.  When looked at and compared to Romney’s past and present stances on gay rights, they show how he has changed over the years to become something more than just one who opposes equality, but rather has taken to acting as its full-fledged enemy.

Facts and Logic 14

More e-mail lies: The Criminalization of the First Amendment

Facts and Logic 14. More viral e-mail scares surface as the election draws closer. This time, the e-mail claims that President Obama secretly signed a bill that makes it illegal to protest against him or anyone he chooses. I’ve actually seen this one, as some of my more conservative buddies have forwarded this trip on to me. Let’s look at what the e-mail actually says:

“Subject: Obama quietly tramples the First Amendment

I truly thought this was a joke until I watched the short video of Judge Napolitano. Here is another law that separates citizens from the President.

President Obama panders to everyone

Election by illegal aliens

President Obama is pandering to Hispanics, African-Americans, gays and young people by a tried and true liberal method—handing out freebies. His Attorney General is currently waging war with Florida officials to mandate the right of illegal aliens to vote. The Department of Justice is attempting to force Florida not to purge dead, illegal or multiple voters (those who vote more than once in one election) from its voter rolls.

The operative phrase here is “illegal aliens.” Mr. Obama wants the illegal alien vote. Can you believe there is a voter segment identified as the “illegal alien vote?” Why would the DOJ endorse the “right” of criminals to cancel out the vote of an American citizen?


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