Vote the bum out!

We're on the wrong path.

John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton are names that conjure up inspiration, optimism and confidence. To hear them speak was to just know in your soul that things were manageable and will turn out fine. Patriotism was at its peak during the time these leaders were in office.

Make a difference in the world

Take some progressive action.

Here are a few things you can do to help improve the world—as well as peoples’ lives—this week.

Volunteer for your local campaign office

It’s getting to be election crunch time, and it’s up to us to make sure we keep this country as progressive as possible—and that means not allowing Mitt Romney to sit in that seat. It’s taken, remember? Find your nearest Obama volunteer headquarters here, or sign up to volunteer here.

Ask Obama to close Guantanamo Bay

Even as we root for him, we must hold President Obama accountable to upholding justice and equality in America. Call for not only the closing of Guantanamo today, but also the investigation of the treatment of detainees like Adnan Abdul Latif, who died after being held at the facility for ten years without charge.

Remembering Troy Davis

Ask that his execution be investigated.

A year has passed since the execution of Troy Davis, a man who was probably innocent. Though further light was shed on his supposed crime that pointed toward his innocence—including statements from Troy that were coerced by police as well as false eyewitness reports—his execution was still performed. Many dub it murder, considering the facts and evidence available, including this blogger.

Hey Mitt, I’m no freeloader

And neither is most of the rest of the nation!

After hearing Mitt Romney’s despicable comments about us freeloaders, I say it’s high time we start campaigning for President Obama. I’ve located our local office and we’re going to start this week.

Seriously, Mitt? Did you mean to give us this incredible ammo against you? Because let me tell you something: I’m no freeloader. Neither is my husband, who has worked full-time since he was sixteen up until his recent layoff (and now works full-time at a lesser-paying job).

My entire family is full of hard workers. Though my husband and I have never been on food stamps, we have used state health insurance for our child (but not ourselves). Growing up, my parents were on and off food stamps a bit due to my dad’s carpentry job, which involved seasonal layoffs. 

Tax cuts and economic growth: An inverse relationship

Do tax decreases spark economic growth?

The Atlantic provides a recent history of how tax increases and decreases actually effect the economy. As the article points out, lowering the tax rate does not in fact increase and spur economic growth in this country. The article is accompanied by a handy chart comparing national tax rates in comparison to the economic growth in the United States. 

Both the first George Bush’s tax increase in 1990 and Bill Clinton’s tax increase in 1993 led to a rate of peak economic growth in the United States. In contrast, George W. Bush’s tax cuts were followed by the economic downturn that turned into a recession and what some may term as a recession. 

Dereliction of duty

Policy failure

Dick Cheney was a powerful partner in the governing of the United States when he served two terms as Vice President under President George W. Bush. In fact, Mr. Cheney was recruited as running mate because of his strength of character and conviction and his knowledge regarding the defense of our country and his commitment to doing so. As Vice President, Mr. Cheney was thoroughly involved in studying the information presented by every agency in the government to interpret, analyze and discuss it with the President.

In short, Mr. Cheney is abundantly qualified to assess whether or not President Obama is doing his job responsibly to protect the United States when he attends only half of the scheduled intelligence briefings.

The excuse presented by his staffers is that Obama—unlike President Bush—can read a report and reach the same conclusions as he would if he sat down with his advisors to discuss and debate, argue and extract, the opinions of other qualified, knowledgeable individuals. Talk about ego! Your safety, my safety and that of my family is at stake and Obama believes he is qualified to solve all the issues alone without input from others!

The day the embassy in Libya was attacked and destroyed and four Americans were murdered, Obama thought it was more important to attend a fundraiser in Las Vegas. His Press Secretary stated that Obama had done all that was necessary and there was no reason for him not to go—how about simple respect for the dead public servants?

Undecided voters...really?

“The persuadables” represent a substantial percentage of voters.

During every election, we spend a lot of time talking about “undecided voters.” This powerful but confused group that cannot decide between two political parties that have been turned – for the sake of convenience and dramatics – into polar opposites on nearly every issue. We are told that there are people out there who look at Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, and feel that they could go either way. Is that really possible in a political environment where agreeing with the other party means political suicide? When having any common ground is discouraged, how can there be room for uncertainty about your choice of candidate?

Election poll confusion

Recent poll results

Well, who knows what to think? Last week Romney was on top in the polls and this week it’s Obama! Sure, there are the conventions of the last several weeks and the poll results could be a barometer of how well each party did. Or, not!

In a nutshell, the Republican convention was designed to introduce Mr. Romney to America on a personal level. This may be absolutely necessary since few people actually know who he is. However, other than Clint Eastwood, it did not make for riveting television—even for Republicans.

Democratic Party Officially Endorsing Gay Equality

The First Steps in Making a Move to Federal Protections for the LGBT Community

The presidential candidates are making their official acceptance speeches and trying to unite their parties under one flag to show strength.  While the Republicans have continued to endorse their backward policies, it looks like the Democrats are taking the opposite approach and looking to embrace the inevitable changes that are happening in society.  In addition to talking about the basics, such as economy, education, health care and the like, they have decided to openly adopt a pro-gay marriage stance.  This follows on the heels of President Obama’s public declaration of same-sex marriage support, transforming it into a party-wide position.


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