What should President Obama do now?

The crucial moments leading up to Election Day.

It is crunch time now with the tight race that is on. Fresh off an impressive third debate, the President will look to capitalize. As for the last debate, it is quite obvious that at this time it was only important to sway undecided voters.

The question is how many of those who are undecided actually watched? There was Monday Night Football and playoff baseball airing at the same time. There was also cleaning to be done and the kids' homework to be finished.

For Obama to win he needs to make sure he gets more Americans to cast their ballots. This is not going to be easy as we 'the world's most successful democracy' had a 57 percent voter turnout in 2008 which was actually the highest since 1968. Republicans are charged up as opposed to Democrats and it seems likely that the low-income earners (Obama voters mostly) may need to be really convinced to exercise democracy's greatest privilege.

President Obama has been aggressive and has criticized the Romney campaign quite a bit. But Democrats might want to urge the President to not come off sounding so desperate. This has cost incumbents in previous elections.

Gunslinger vs. mudslinger

Clint's epic role

Thinking back to the Republican Convention of 2012, I still am enthralled by the presentation of “The Empty Chair” as presented by Hollywood icon Clint Eastwood.  On literally a couple of minutes notice, without notes (or teleprompter in President Obama’s case), Mr. Eastwood gave an extemporaneous performance that was as entertaining as it was brilliant. 

Clint is 82 years old and is still lean, straight and strong.  He is also remarkably reminiscent of the parts he has portrayed in film for over 60 years.  He comes across as a humble, friendly and common man who is nonetheless confident and easy to get along with.  His performance also was testament to his intelligence, common sense and creativity.

Democrats thrilled about the recent two debates

Obama back on track.

A smiling Joe Biden managed to trump Paul Ryan in the Vice Presidential debate. I think Biden was faced with no choice but to be aggressive after a lethargic performance by President Obama in the first debate. Biden's smirks were disparaging to what Congressman Ryan had to say. Even though there was much made of Biden and his demeanor, he wasn't called out on it by Ryan and this made him effective according to Donald Trump.

Complete Second Presidential Town Hall Debate 2012: Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney - Oct 16, 2012

Obama Versus Romney

The Contentious Debate

Dick Cheney called in to a conservative talk radio program to comment on Joe Biden’s performance during the Vice President’s Debate. One of Mr. Cheney’s primary criticisms was the manic manner demonstrated by Vice President Cheney while Congressman Ryan was speaking. Biden laughed—at inappropriate time, when conversation about the dead Americans in Libya was being talked about—made bizarre faces, smiled scarily with a mouth lined with rows of sharp, dazzlingly white teeth. Biden made clownish, exaggerated gestures throughout his downtime and forcefully attempted to insert himself into Mr. Ryan’s time to speak.

Illegal Immigrants and Obama

Honest Path to Citizenship

The Presidential Election of 2012 is three weeks away. Republicans are ironclad in their belief that Obama will drive us off the cliff; economically as a nation and financially as a citizen while all the time hurtling us toward Socialism with the lure of unemployment benefits, welfare programs, food stamps and free hospital/health care. Sure, this encourages illegal immigrants to come to this country by offering them the same benefits as citizens. Welfare programs of all types, free education, driver licenses are already being given to illegal immigrants. Even the right to vote is being fought for by the administration.

The gunshop experience

Is something afoot?

When my brother passed away recently, I inherited a number of rifles, pistols, ammunition and other gear relating to firearms. I didn’t want the weapons and yet I didn’t want to sell them to just anyone—who could easily be a budding terrorist. After some research, I was stunned at how much the guns were worth. My neighbor attempted to convince me to attend a gun show and get top dollar for the guns. Again, I didn’t want to sell them to anyone who might use them in a crime.

Respect and your vote

A note to my black friends

I can’t tell you how to vote.  I suspect a large number of us will vote for Barack Obama because we believe him to be a good President, one who has served our country in an honorable and decent way, who champions the public interest over special interests, who has wound down two wars, found and eliminated America’s public enemy number one, and who has delivered on his promise to reform the broken health care system, something no other politician has been able to do for the past 45 years.   

The American economy still needs work

Translation: Job creation + a safety net

Disputes abound about the job numbers recently released by the Obama campaign and stories of the unemployed and not counted remain in full force. (This does not mean, of course, that someone who believes that the American public does not deserve food would do any better, however.) Many American citizens who are ready, willing and able to work are still left without jobs.

The latest story that I read was written by a man in his 50s with terrible lay off stories and suicidal tendencies in his all-too-recent history. His story is common. The people who are suffering do not always stand up to be counted in the ranks of those who are not doing as well as others because of pride and the judgment bestowed upon them by others who are doing well.

An "October surprise" already

Poor debate performance by President Obama

The narrative keeps changing in this presidential election with Romney gaining the upper hand after being written off the last few weeks. President Obama was widely criticized for performing poorly during the first debate in Denver. He failed to mention the video where Romney made the 47 percent comment. The Obama campaign has taken some shots at Romney through an interesting ad that features the man who collects Mr. Romney's trash.

President Obama was unable to stretch his lead after getting this immense opportunity in something that he has a huge strength in, which will hurt him in this election. The Democrats will be disappointed as Obama had a chance to seize the moment and bury his opponent early.


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