Let's Talk Impeachment

Anyone who claimed that Hilary Clinton was a security threat because of her emails last year who refuses to demand Trump's impeachment now for the same (worse, really) reasons must now admit that they never felt that Clinton was a security risk and that they simply hated her. Much of that is certainly rooted in sexism, but even if it's not, Donald Trump is the grosses example of not only a security threat but treason in modern America. How can Republicans fuel a lengthy investigation and waste of tax dollars over sex in the oval office but ignore this terrible danger?

Jeff Merkley Leads the Senate in a Filibuster Against Gorsuch

It’s moments like these when progressives have hope against a Republican-controlled House and Senate. Senator Jeff Merkley is currently speaking against Gorsuch, and he’s been on the floor for over 14 hours at this point. This is an exhausting undertaking and the senator is proving his mettle, earning him praise from people from all facets of the Left today.

Elizabeth Warren attacks the “gig economy”

Warns against giving up worker’s rights

Elizabeth Warren recently spoke out against the “gig economy,” a new wave of jobs with companies like Lyft and Uber. She said that although the jobs can be appealing because you set your own hours and are your own boss, they also undermine all the hard work we have done over the decades to shore up workers’ rights.

Sanders supporters causing chaos

Calls for Bernie to rein in his boys

The vast majority of Bernie Sanders’ supporters are calm, rational, intelligent people. Then you have the “Bernie bros,” a small but vocal minority (as they say) who are not happy with the current state of things. A group of Bernie bros kicked up a fuss at the Nevada State Democratic Convention this week, where they harassed several female speakers including Senator Barbara Boxer and Senator Dianne Feinstein.


I bet you thought that the Obama birth certificate story was dead. In
past years, we were hit by tales of President Obama being born in
Kenya, and in outer space, and was grown in a government lab by CDC
scientists. To hinder Obama, machine Republicans pooped out fibs like
the brown stuff from their behinds. These tall tales helped Mr.
Obama, because, they took the attention away from the real
investigation into Obama's birth.


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