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Act for human and civil rights

Scan through these quick actions and sign on in support of causes you care about.

Even though the year is 2012, so many egregious violations of human rights are occurring all around the world—at home and abroad—that it makes you wonder what progress we’ve had at all. What good is an iPhone or 3D television when we still haven’t eradicated war, rape, and other violence? Click below to take action on human rights violations around the world.

Help the children of Syria. Syrian violence continues to escalate, and thousands of children have already died in the country’s brutal civil war. (No war is ever “civil” and I’ll never stop crying over the irony.) Please click here to write to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and ask him to make sure he is doing all in his power to help the children of Syria and that every crime against children is being recorded to give those who are committing these atrocities swift justice.

Take action today

Here are some easy, click-through alerts you can take action on right now.

Looking for a quick way to make today count? Smile at every stranger you see—then click through these action alerts for a better world.

Demand a better Violence Against Women Act. Though VAWA passed this year, too many gaps remain that allow perpetrators to continue harming women. Did you know that less than 10 percent of rapists will spend a day in jail? Click here to ask Congress to strengthen VAWA in honor of Domestic Violence Month this October.

Thank Hershey. The company has finally agreed to go fair trade by 2020! That’s a few years away, but it’s a start. Thank you so much, Hershey. When you stop using child labor for your product, you are telling the whole world that it’s not okay, and we appreciate that. We ask that you hold true to this promise and lead the world in fair trade policies!

Activist alerts

Take a few minutes for some quick action alerts today.

If you normally surf the web with your coffee or your lunch, why not skim over these action items of interest and help change the world a bit while you’re at it?

Pledge to vote for clean energy

We are long overdue for a clean energy policy in this country. It feels as if our own government has given up on the idea entirely, and will colonize Mars before even trying to fix our mistakes here. Let’s hold whoever wins this November accountable for creating a clean energy policy. Click here to make your pledge.

Make a difference in the world

Take some progressive action.

Here are a few things you can do to help improve the world—as well as peoples’ lives—this week.

Volunteer for your local campaign office

It’s getting to be election crunch time, and it’s up to us to make sure we keep this country as progressive as possible—and that means not allowing Mitt Romney to sit in that seat. It’s taken, remember? Find your nearest Obama volunteer headquarters here, or sign up to volunteer here.

Ask Obama to close Guantanamo Bay

Even as we root for him, we must hold President Obama accountable to upholding justice and equality in America. Call for not only the closing of Guantanamo today, but also the investigation of the treatment of detainees like Adnan Abdul Latif, who died after being held at the facility for ten years without charge.

Remembering Troy Davis

Ask that his execution be investigated.

A year has passed since the execution of Troy Davis, a man who was probably innocent. Though further light was shed on his supposed crime that pointed toward his innocence—including statements from Troy that were coerced by police as well as false eyewitness reports—his execution was still performed. Many dub it murder, considering the facts and evidence available, including this blogger.

Host a viewing of Half the Sky

Help raise awareness for violence against women worldwide.

While speaking with my cousin and good friend, a Marine and cop in training, about violence against women worldwide, I found myself getting more and more discouraged. Though he could tell you about how many registered weapons versus non-registered existed within our country and other stats, he knew virtually nothing about violence against women.

He didn’t know about the hundreds of thousands of rape kits collecting dust on shelves across the country, never being run. He didn’t know that a woman is raped every ninety seconds, that less than 10 percent of rapists will serve a day in jail, that human trafficking is the second largest industry today. These are things that I, as a woman, know and he, as a man, does not.

Disturbing news this week

Here are some scary and sad news headlines from this week in the world of women and parenting.

Hopefully we can learn from these situations and help improve the world we live in…

Rapist Beheaded by His Victim

You know, everyone is just shocked when we hear stories like this—no matter what part of the world it’s from—wondering just how a woman could resort to such violence. Hmm. Well, when we live in a world where a woman is raped every 90 seconds (that’s in the U.S; in other nations, it’s often more frequently), where less than 10% of rapists spend a day in jail in the United States alone, I don’t see why it’s so shocking at all. This woman, who beheaded her rapist, had also been denied an abortion after she pleaded for one and was five months pregnant due to her assault. Want to stop beheadings? Let women make their own decisions and arrest their freaking rapists.

Stand against human trafficking

Today, more human slaves exist than in any other period of history.

Don’t you wonder why drugs and crime remain top priorities in our country, while human trafficking—the second largest industry on Earth—remain virtually ignored? It’s time we convinced not only the candidates for the U.S. presidency, but for all politicians everywhere to make stopping human trafficking a part of their political agenda while in office.

Today, more human slaves exist than in any other period of history. Though we were all taught that the Emancipation Proclamation ended slavery as we know it in elementary school, the fact remains that there are currently 27 million human slaves around the world today. These people have absolutely no freedom and make no money for the work they do, rather it is industrial, farming, domestic, or sexual work. All of it is coerced, and most of it is very violent, certainly no way that anyone would want their children to live.

An apple a day doesn’t pay

Tell Apple to pay people fairly and take action on other issues.

Stumbling into your weekend this morning? Grab a cup of fair trade coffee and take action on these progressive issues that need your voice.

Stand up against worker abuse at Apple

You need the latest iPhone, iPad, and every other plastic iSore, right? Don’t you think it would be fair to pay Apple workers to be able to afford it, as well? That was Henry Ford’s way, maybe, but it’s not Apple’s. In fact, Apple workers work 12-hour days six days every week to make these products. They don’t get paid for overtime, and what they do get paid—about $17 a day—is worse than a joke. Apple’s making plenty of money off of these machines; they least they could do is pay their young workers, who inhale all kinds of chemicals to make these products all day, a fair wage—and provide them with safe working conditions as well. Click here to learn more and to tell the world’s most profitable company to treat its workers like people.


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