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Women Deserve More Rights Than Corpses

We have at least 700 maternal deaths per year. Many of them are preventable with quality care and, yes, abortion. That doesn't include the thousands of pregnancy-related diseases, complications and injuries women sustain and are affected by for life. There are also over 400,000 children in the U.S. foster care system. With these statistics in mind, as well as the lengths desperate women have gone to in the past to save their lives through back-alley abortions before Roe vs.

Georgia Man and Woman Go to Jail for Harassing a Child

A young man and young woman in their mid-twenties were sentenced to a combined 35 years in jail after they decided to harass a black child at his birthday party. Not only did they drive around the party with a truck full of confederate flags, but they also yelled racial slurs at the child and issued death threats to the child and birthday party guests.

Take action for human rights worldwide

We’re all human; we need to act like it.

To quote Sara Sidle from TV’s CSI, “It never ceases to amaze me what we do to each other.” No matter who you are or where you are born, there is always a chance that your human rights and very life could be destroyed as long as the rights of anyone are being trampled. We must stand together as brothers and sisters and call for compassionate, fair and humane treatment of one and all.

U.S. finds friends in Syria, Iran and North Korea

When it comes to protecting our right to kill criminals, we’ll side with pretty much anyone.

The United States is usually known for being the enemy of certain non-democratic states, including such places as Syria, China, Iran and North Korea.  But in some cases, we put aside our differences and work with these “evil” powers to get things done.  It is unfortunate, however, that what we are seeking to get done as of late is the blocking of a UN resolution that will place an international moratorium on

Facts about rape

Tired of lies spewed by so-called pro-life male candidates? Use this fact guide to refute their points.

So if we’ve learned anything during this election season, it’s that rape is a gift from God, that women’s bodies mysteriously shut down and do not allow themselves to become pregnant during “legitimate” rape, and that incest is, like, really rare—right?

Actually, the only thing I’ve learned is that there are a lot of idiots out there who think they are experts on women’s bodies—and God’s thoughts, I suppose—without ever having been a female or, of course, a God. This irony is laughable, but it’s also much worse, considering that these men want to enact laws on our very bodies.

Conservatives who think slavery is frickin’ awesome

Yeah, I wouldn’t vote for these people.

I’ve written before about conservatives who praise slavery, but lately it seems like they’re just coming out of the woodwork! Do you think it has anything to do with, I don’t know, the fact that our president is black and that a whole lot of people are sickeningly not okay with that?

Me, too.

So here’s your handy dandy list of conservatives who not only think that slavery was just the best thing since Country Kitchen, but also deserve to hear from you about their comments.

Take action this week

Here are some issues that could use your voice!

Ready to change the world? Here are some quick ways that you can make a difference right now.

Ask Tide to take the cancer out

Have you heard that there are ingredients in Tide laundry detergent that are known to cause cancer? The unnecessary chemical known as 1,4-dioxane is even present in the Tide “Free and Gentle” brand, which many parents use for their families. Click here to ask Tide to remove this chemical from their products and share the information with your friends on Facebook.

Click on your cause

Scan the following action alerts and take action for the ones you care about.

Whether it’s the environment or human rights or body image, chances are there’s a cause in this list that you care about. Check them out and see if you can help today.

Costume Swap Day

Here’s an easy action to help you save money as well as prevent wasting materials and packaging: participate in National Costume Swap Day. On October 13, activists and simple trick-or-treaters will be swapping their Halloween costumes to get brand new ones for free—and without supporting sweatshops. You can participate in this holiday yourself by scheduling a similar event with your church, work, playgroup, or other associations.

Quick clicks for a better world

Take action for these causes you care about.

Like clicking around and supporting causes you care about? Check to see if any of the following interest you, then take action!

Save funding for disability programs

Congress has loved its ability to gut programs that help people (without gutting their own pay and free federal health care, of course!), but we need to tell them enough is enough. Did you know that most federal programs are being cut by more than eight percent unless Congress gets busy on making some changes before the end of the year? Help save disability programs and other important programs by clicking here and telling Congress to reduce the deficit by cutting unnecessary spending—not crucial costs.

Stand with Bill Nye the Science Guy

Mr. Nye has been in the news a lot lately for his support of evolution—which, let’s face it, should not need support since it’s a proven fact, and it’s embarrassing that so many people in our country still fiercely claim it’s “not true”—but he’s also trying to save space exploration programs. Click here to read Mr. Nye’s plea for voters to urge the president to continue supporting NASA’s planetary exploration program and to add your voice to the campaign if you agree.


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