Paying Parking Tickets With Donations

All laws, no matter how ridiculous or outdated, have their place and purpose. Some are to help keep order, some are to protect people and places, and some are so heinously racist or otherwise unfair that they need to be broken and repealed yesterday. Parking violations, for example, are sometimes silly, but those laws sometimes do need to be enforced to assist with things like city trash pick-up schedules.

No More Killing Contests

While some state land commissioners likely still celebrate the practice of killing animals as a sport, State Land Commissioner Stephanie Garcia Richard says that it's "brutal, barbaric and inhumane," and she's banned them in the state of California this month. The law was expressly made to discourge acts like coyote killing competitions on public lands, where hunters take pride in killing the most animals simply because it's legal. 

What’s the cruelest food you’ve eaten?

Yahoo! Health lists eight of the top cruelest foods.

If you talk to me about cruel foods—or food with a face—I really do understand. I do not eat meat frequently; in fact, I was a strict vegetarian before I became pregnant with my daughter. The cruelest foods, to me, are veal and foie gras, two so-called foods I will not eat. I also won’t eat lobster or any other live animal, and don’t see how anyone else could.

Take action for animals

Sign these petitions for critters—and for humans, too.

Do you love animals—or women and clean water, for that matter? Here are a few ways you can take action this week and help some of your favorite people—and critters—out right away.

Click the following actions to lend your voice to causes you care about today.

Stop arctic drilling

No matter how many dying polar bears we witness every year, no matter how much more endangered our animals are, we still call for their blood with that awful “Drill, baby, drill!” slogan. This is revolting—especially since we have absolutely no clean-up plan or way to clean up drilling miss in the Arctic, and a spill would be catastrophic. Click here to ask that we not drill in the Arctic, now or ever.

Take action this week

Here are some issues that could use your voice!

Ready to change the world? Here are some quick ways that you can make a difference right now.

Ask Tide to take the cancer out

Have you heard that there are ingredients in Tide laundry detergent that are known to cause cancer? The unnecessary chemical known as 1,4-dioxane is even present in the Tide “Free and Gentle” brand, which many parents use for their families. Click here to ask Tide to remove this chemical from their products and share the information with your friends on Facebook.

Quick clicks for a better world

Take action for these causes you care about.

Like clicking around and supporting causes you care about? Check to see if any of the following interest you, then take action!

Save funding for disability programs

Congress has loved its ability to gut programs that help people (without gutting their own pay and free federal health care, of course!), but we need to tell them enough is enough. Did you know that most federal programs are being cut by more than eight percent unless Congress gets busy on making some changes before the end of the year? Help save disability programs and other important programs by clicking here and telling Congress to reduce the deficit by cutting unnecessary spending—not crucial costs.

Stand with Bill Nye the Science Guy

Mr. Nye has been in the news a lot lately for his support of evolution—which, let’s face it, should not need support since it’s a proven fact, and it’s embarrassing that so many people in our country still fiercely claim it’s “not true”—but he’s also trying to save space exploration programs. Click here to read Mr. Nye’s plea for voters to urge the president to continue supporting NASA’s planetary exploration program and to add your voice to the campaign if you agree.

Activist alerts

Take a few minutes for some quick action alerts today.

If you normally surf the web with your coffee or your lunch, why not skim over these action items of interest and help change the world a bit while you’re at it?

Pledge to vote for clean energy

We are long overdue for a clean energy policy in this country. It feels as if our own government has given up on the idea entirely, and will colonize Mars before even trying to fix our mistakes here. Let’s hold whoever wins this November accountable for creating a clean energy policy. Click here to make your pledge.


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