Zombies protest Westboro Baptist Church

Zombies protest Westboro Baptist Church

Even the dead can’t stand these people.

When the Westboro Baptist Church comes to your town, you know it’s time to take action. Nobody likes these jerks; I doubt their supposed god even likes them. No matter the problems in your town, if these people show up, the whole community stands against them. They are that reprehensible.

But nobody has protested them with as much style and imagination as Melissa Neace and her friends. They organized a group of dressed-up zombies to protest the WBC when they came to their community in DuPont, Washington. What they didn’t know was that when they posted the event on Facebook, they would end up with 800 protestors per eight members of the church!

Neace wanted to protest violently without actually being violent—so why not go dressed in zombie garb? I can see this idea becoming an often-practiced one across the country against all kinds of things…

I love this idea, and I love that Neace and her friends turned what the WBC had hoped would be a devastating protest into a laughingstock theatrical episode. That’s the way to deal with these people—just like the jokes they are. And when we stop taking them seriously, maybe they’ll finally get a clue and go away.