Zika Virus is New Health Scare

Zika Virus is New Health Scare

Recent US numbers and response

The newest health scare is here, and new numbers released do make it quite a scare indeed. 

The Zika virus was first really highlighted in recent months across seas, but has made it's way to the US.

Most commonly spread by mosquito's, this health epidemic has drastic results...especially in expected mothers. The virus creates severe deformities in the heads of infants born to Zika-infected mothers.

Due to this fact, the US recently began to track the cases being seen in mothers here. Recent statistics showed over 150 cases here in the states, and an additional 122 cases in other US territories outside the continental US. This was up from just 48 cases at last count. 

One must wonder if this will just be the next Ebola. An epidemic of Ebola spread rampant and found it's way into the news 2 years ago. It too, has been around and runs rampant in many African territories, but made it's way to the states. Due to its highly contagious nature, and tendency for death, after reaching the US it too was closely monitored...but quickly faded overnight.

Some conspiracy theorist often times contribute these rare health scares to what else may be going on in the news. Some believe they are just used to get the people's attention off of other important matters.

I am not one to jump to conclusions, but it should get people thinking... Count em all or think to the past decade or so. Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Ebola, and now Zika.

Often times it seems they come into the headlines, then suddenly disappear with little or no follow-up. The Ebola scare is probably the most recent and glaring example of this.

In the meantime, you can bet I will look for standing water around my property, and stand clear of it while disposing of it at all cost. However, while I do so, I will be more carefully monitoring what other news is going on around me as well.