World's Most Livable Cities

World's Most Livable Cities

Why am I not surprised that when the criteria for judging the world's most livable cities includes health care that no US city makes the top ten?

2010 Economist Intelligence Unit Rankings are out and the top ten most livable cities based on stability, health care, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure are: Vancouver, Vienna, Melbourne, Toronto, Calgary , Helsinki, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide , Auckland.
 Note the domination of Canada & Australia whose cities received perfect scores for HEALTH CARE.

These rankings are used by international corporations to determine  hardship allowances
 for employees whom relocated out of their home countries. London and New York rank in 54th and 56th, relative low for London, because the city received a low "safety" score, because it, like New York, is a target for terrorism.

Except for far away Australia,  all of the "world's most livable cities"  are in the frost zones and in normal weather they can get  much colder than anyplace where  I want to live or visit. Of course now, during this ice age month, it is cold practically, everywhere!

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