The World in 2030

The World in 2030

An enlightening speech by Dr. Michio Kaku

I was watching a video on how the whole concept of science fiction movies was born. I was excited to see Dr. Michio Kaku whom I greatly admire to be in it as well. It was the idea of how George Lucas and the Star Wars saga really took technology and science to a whole new level.

"The World in 2030" by Dr. Michio Kaku

The speech by Dr. Kaku started off with the contribution of science and technology to the world as we know it. I never knew that physicists were the ones who invented the internet. It was a strong reminder of the importance of science and technology education. Dr. Kaku had the best-selling book “Physics of the Future” which is also very enlightening. This speech is a guided tour of the future which I very much enjoyed and wanted to share it here on this blog.

The speech was really great because it showed the power of physics and science in general. The reason why speeches like this are so important to listen to is because it shows us what to expect in the future. This will have a strong effect on how we spend time right now and the things we invest in and decide to buy. More importantly, it will impact how we choose to educate ourselves.

America is still the land of discovery and the innovation hub that many countries want to become like. Dr. Kaku shows off this innovation and research supremacy that the United States has. He also hints about the future of education and I share in his disdain of how kids are made to memorize things like the names of the minerals in a chemistry exam.

A lot of this stuff sounds like sci-fi right now. For instance, Dr. Kaku talks about scanning DNA that could give you an ‘owner’s manual’ of your body. Dr. Kaku scanned his own DNA and it revealed information like his ancestors from 20,000 years ago!