With a sneak maneuver Wisconsin GOP shafts workers

With a sneak maneuver Wisconsin GOP shafts workers

Sneaky, sneaky, GOP'ers look creepy.

In Wisconsin, the extreme radical right-winger Governor Scott Walker, and his band of ideologue henchmen, the Republican state senators, have rammed through an anti-workers bill. To do this, they dropped all pretense that they were hosing the state's public service workers, because they had to save the state by balancing the budget, a budget which they themselves put into imbalance. To get around needing the presence of a single state senate Democrat to have a quorum, the GOP-Tea Partiers separated the anti-union provisions from the budget bill, made it a stand-alone bill, met in a joint committee of conference and advanced the anti-union bill, which strips public unions of collective bargaining rights, passed it, 18 to 1. The method the GOP'ers used is sneaky. Its use makes the GOP-Tea Partiers look creepy.

The Republicans are damning themselves. Even the slowest constituent who lives on a paycheck, and who has fallen in the past for the GOP line, like a man who goes around with blinders on, and is unable to see the trip lines, can now see for himself just what the GOP is. It is the tool of the corporations. It is on a mission to limit the rights, the pay and the benefits of workers, so that the corporation can have bigger profits.

What is done to public service workers, the GOP plans to do to all workers. What the GOP is trying to do in Wisconsin and other states is to bust unions, which are the defenders of workers rights, and are the pillars of the Democratic Party.

The way the GOP pulled this off, by signaling a promise to work out a compromise, while plotting to put into effect a procedure to get around the Democrats, and to force through an unpopular bill, has fired up the majority of the people, and have motivated them to oppose the GOP-Tea Party.

Observers are saying that the extent of GOP skullduggery shocked the state. See the video from Ed Schultz of the Ed Show.

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