Wing Nut Bull on START

Wing Nut Bull on START

Tucker Carlson and John Bolton? The wing nut twins? The neo-con, fat head and fibber, John Bolton, was on Fox chit chatting with the dude who wants to execute dog fighters, Tucker Carlson.

Bolton was chit chatting and raising the threat of the bogeyman, and shrilling away on why we must stop trusting ourselves and start? / begin trusting the BOMB, and the military-industrial complex, (MIC).

Mr Bolton gets paid to shrill for the MIC.

Tucker Carlson gets paid to be a fool, pretending to be a wise man, to fool the idiots. Fox News is the perfect venue for him..

Both Bolton and Carlson claim that START is going to disarm America of her nukes and leave her at the tender mercy of the Russians. And these two doofuses says, America is doing this because of Obama. More Fox lies.

The fact is that the new and now ratified START Treaty won't disarm America of her nuclear weapon, will only continue a process started by Reagan to reduce the number of, and to control the spread of nuclear weapons. America and the other nuclear powers will be left with enough bombs to "reduce the planet to a burned out cinder."

There are some folks, shrilling for the MIC, who just hate the idea of arms reduction, because to them it sets a bad precedent. They want to see us get more and more weapons, not less, and to feed the MIC with more and more of our dollars

See the video.