Will Gas Prices Lead To Self Sufficiency?

Will Gas Prices Lead To Self Sufficiency?

It’s painful to go to the pump these days as gas reaches $4 and there is no expected end to the increases. The trouble in the Middle East is once again causing the price of oil to skyrocket and it’s the people commuting to work every day that feel the pinch.

It’s just not commuters that were hit hard either. Retailers and transportation companies are feeling the hit as well and that translates to higher prices for everything from airplane tickets to groceries. It’s possible this recent surge in prices may not go away anytime soon.

About 10 years ago, gas never reached about $2 a gallon and then after a surge in oil prices never goes below $3 anymore. A $10 gas purchase used to be able to get to ½ a tank and now you’re lucky to get three gallons.

When new stations open and run the 99-cent gas sale for two hours, hundreds of cars create bottlenecks of traffic as people try to reclaim the good old days when gas was a reasonably priced commodity.

With the world in a state of economic flux, this may the most opportune time to for world leaders to consider self-sufficiency. We can tell the oil robber barons that we are no longer going to left to the whims of their petty wars. Perhaps the push that self sufficiency needed was simply a rise in the price of gasoline. If the world can reclaim its independence from oil, the self sufficiency can finally be realized.