Wikileaks May Have a Truckload of Clinton Goods

Wikileaks May Have a Truckload of Clinton Goods

CEO says more Clinton info is out there

The DNC email hacks by WikiLeaks may not be all the Democrats, and Clinton campaign, should have to fear. Even if they have not harmed herself too much.

Those emails have had the democratic party dropping positions like flies. High profile member after member stepping down after the release of emails from the DNC that showed a one sided frame of mind within the party that favored Clinton. If anything, those stepping down just admitted their guilt and threw their own party under the bus. in doing so, they confirmed the emails were true.

Despite this, it did not hurt Clinton too much, as Trump slip-ups saw her gain ground in the race. That is not to say some new information may not hurt her though.

WikiLeaks CEO leader Julian Assange says they have plenty more Clinton information on top of the DNC emails, and calls it interesting... He admits that the DNC security was like Swiss cheese. A comment that should really have taxpayers and voters concerned at how easy it is to gain access to confidential government info. Information like that suspected of being sent by and between Hillary Clinton on her secret server. 

Assange is well known as butting heads with Clinton in the past, as he has not followed her beliefs. Like Assange, Putin in Russia has had his severe disagreements with Clinton. How are the two related though, or are they at all.

Perhaps not, but at least now the incidents recently are intertwining. The two intertwine as federal investigators are looking not just into the DNC hacks, but also possible Clinton campaign hacks as well. Along with this, Trump is "joking" about Russia hacking Clinton emails as well.

Again, despite this, Clinton numbers are rising as Trump drudged through a tough week. That is for now at least, as tomorrow the undisclosed Assange WikiLeaks documents from Clinton camp could make the news...and make the race more...well...interesting (as Assange would say)