Wikileaks at it Again

Wikileaks at it Again

DNC targeted

Uh oh...another democratic email scandal is afoot.

This time, the impartial attitudes of the Democratic party are at odds. This is thanks to around 2000 emails released by the popular Wikileaks brand. Although the emails have not been authenticated, they can certainly begin another tear in the solidifying process of the Democratic party. 

In particularly, the recently mended relationship between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton camps.

For example, one email did not mention Sander's name...but eluded to asking "someone" about their beliefs. Sanders was raised with Jewish roots, but has not really came out openly as someone of the Jewish faith. The emails eluded to voters being able to distinguish a Jew from an Atheist. Therefore it went on to say they could lock up some bible belt areas.

Just a week from the DNC, these revelations could shake the party. They point to more corruption, and the party getting their "guy" ( this case "girl") as their nominee. 

In other words, you think the RNC was a bit rowdy...wait until Bernie fans get a load of this. 

If the emails are true, it would not surprise me if one said: let the guy think he is getting his stuff into the party platform to get him on our side...we can always put all that stuff on the back burner, or better yet never get to it at all. Suckerrr!