WI Republicans Take Another Swing

WI Republicans Take Another Swing

Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and the Senate Republicans of Wisconsin went out to the back shed, thought up a plan, grabbed a baseball bat, and took a swing at a swarming nest of worker bees.  They may have shattered the nest we'll call collective bargaining, but they've further stirred not only a state, but a nation of worker bees and their supporters.  This action will not be taken lightly.

Governor Walker campaigned on getting concessions on wages and benefits, which the union conceded, but he didn't campaign on ending collective bargaining rights.  These past few weeks he's continually went on the attack saying this entire issue is "budget" related, but last night Wisconsin found out that wasn't the case either.  In a drastic political move, the Republican Senators in Wisconsin took out all the "budget" or "financial" parts of the bill that didn't need a quorum to vote on it, and passed the bill, essentially eliminating the collective bargaining rights of the state employees in Wisconsin.

It is hard to "bargain" when a person's mind can't even phantom the word "negotiate," so this comes as no surprise under Governor Walker's watch.  His radical, hard-line stance has no means of compromise, and eliminating collective bargaining just makes it easier for him to do things and enact policies exactly the way he wants it.

Democratic Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller responded, through the Associated Press, "In 30 minutes, 18 state senators undid 50 years of civil rights in Wisconsin. Their disrespect for the people of Wisconsin and their rights is an outrage that will never be forgotten.  Tonight, 18 Senate Republicans conspired to take government away from the people."

This is yet another sad day for Wisconsin politics.  Just because Governor Walker took a stance and did something, as some of his supporters say, doesn't make it right.  These political attacks on political opponents undermine the ideology of a democracy.  It wouldn't be right for a Democratic Governor to get into office and raise taxes on the wealthy by 20%, and it's not right for the Republican Governor to step foot into the office and immediately do what he has done to the state workers in Wisconsin.  It is not for the betterment of the people of Wisconsin, does nothing to bring the people together, but rather, further divides them.  State employees have been targeted, their rights have been stripped away, and legislation has been introduced and enacted for them to take the burden for an entire state's budget woes.

The worker bees of the state, and of the nation, must not forget the action of those with the bat.  They may have knocked them down, but they're far from knocked out.  The next few elections, or even recalls, will show the reaction to these actions.  One can only hope, for the sake of the Republican elected government officials, that the Koch Brothers are hiring.