Why Joseph Reyes Should Go to Jail

Why Joseph Reyes Should Go to Jail

In another divorce story about a disgruntled ex-husband with a chip on his shoulder, one Illinois father may be facing jail time for his outrageous behavior which threatens parents' right's and our legal system. In what appears to be an obvious attempt to offend and upset his soon to be ex-wife, Joseph Reyes recently took his Jewish daughter to a Catholic church to be baptized without her mother's knowledge then sent her a photo bragging about the event. After this unbelievable display, an Illinois judge issued a temporary restraining order against the 35 year old father to bar him from forcing his daughter to attend church with him or otherwise trying to indoctrinate her until the issue of custody could be settled. In a blatant disregard for the law, and the best interest of his child, he then invites the press to witness his violation of the court order and then cries foul. But the story does not end there.

In recent media interviews, the embittered Reyes, who had converted to Judaism before he was married and reportedly agreed to have their children raised in the Jewish faith, is now converting once again, back to Catholicism this time. Amazingly, he is actually claiming that he was forced into the Jewish conversion and therefore, his prior agreement is not binding, according to him. In a flimsy legal move, Reyes' attorney asked for a new judge and his next court appearance is March 3, 2010.

But there is even a far more serious issue at hand other than his using his daughter to spitefully offend his wife, his wild accusations, contradictory statements, and outlandish fund raising attempts. If the courts do not hold him accountable for violating the court order in this case, our legal system will cease to have any power at all.

A court order only has power so as long as the court is willing to enforce it and hold individuals accountable for violating the rules of the court. Undermining the power and authority of the courts in such a way jeopardizes all of our rights and liberties. Orders of protection, judicial injunctions, civil rights, anti-discrimination laws, even the Bill of Rights itself will cease to have any meaning in this country if the court does not stand behind their own rulings. The laws of a society only have power so as long as the legal system is willing to enforce them. And while many are attempting to make this a case about Christians or religion, it is really a simple matter of one man willingly defying our justice system and the rule of law. Joseph Reyes boastfully broke and the law, and Joseph Reyes deserves to go to jail.

It is also easy for many to fall for his attempts to play the emotion card to appeal to the Christian community, but before you jump on that bandwagon, consider this. What if you were the parent, and your ex decided to take your child without your knowledge and have her initiated into a satanic ritual? If Joseph Reyes is allowed to win and get away with this, that is exactly what could happen and there is absolutely nothing that you could do about it. He is not fighting a Christian battle, he is fighting to take away the rights of parents.