Where is This "Affordable Healthcare for All" Obama Talked About?

Where is This "Affordable Healthcare for All" Obama Talked About?

another example of Obama's inability to relate

There are individuals who have high enough incomes to easily afford private health insurance;  there are individuals who receive various degrees of healthcare coverage through their jobs;  there are those who are eligible for Medicaid or Medicare;  and then there are the rest of us.  While trying to figure out what Obama means by 'affordable,' I think the real issue is he believes the majority of Americans are in those first three groups.  A large percentage of the population is not. 

Being unable to afford health insurance means two things:  first, not having regular doctor visits where both minor and potentially-lifethreatening medical problems could be detected early enough to effectively treat;  and second, needing to be very, very rigid in what one considers an 'emergency.' 


In this category, there are those who do not receive any health benefits from their jobs, as well as many of us who are self-employed.  Many in these two categories simply cannot afford the high monthly premiums for health insurance.  I have heard and read a variety of viewpoints, all with the notion that everybody can afford health insurance--  get a different job, go into a different line of work entirely, cut back on all of your other expenses, etc. etc. 


For me, personally, the only legitimate option is to join a union which includes significant discounts on health insurance.  While joining a union is not inexpensive either, most people who cannot afford health insurance do not even have this option.  Obama's platform about "affordable healthcare for all Americans" has clearly missed the mark.