What's The Fuss About?

What's The Fuss About?

The G20 leaders, the leaders of the top 20 industrialized nations, met in Toronto, Canada, for two days this past weekend, and they pledged to cut their national deficits in half by 2013. And they provided the world's media with plenty of opportunity for photo ops, and they drew protesters, some of whom the police said got violent and were arrested.

About a small group of the protesters engaged in vandalism, burned four police cars, et.al, et al. A much larger group peacefully protested. About what? What  the G20 is doing or isn't doing. Some protesters think the G20 shouldn't meet at all, because the group is a harbinger of the New World Order, that is coming, and that will sweep aside the US Constitution and all personal liberties everywhere. Really?

Well, we will have the metric system before we will have a New World Order. We will strike the word "soccer" from the American language dictionaries and replace it with the word "football," before there will be a New World Order. The US renamed "football" team will be the World Cup Champions ten times in a row, before there will be a New World Order.

The leaders of the biggest countries, coming together once a year, sitting down in the same room, getting their pictures taken together, how can that be a bad thing? It is harder to fight, to demonize, someone who keeps getting his picture taken with you.

G20 should continue to meet and to get those pictures taken.