What should President Obama do now?

What should President Obama do now?

The crucial moments leading up to Election Day.

It is crunch time now with the tight race that is on. Fresh off an impressive third debate, the President will look to capitalize. As for the last debate, it is quite obvious that at this time it was only important to sway undecided voters.

The question is how many of those who are undecided actually watched? There was Monday Night Football and playoff baseball airing at the same time. There was also cleaning to be done and the kids' homework to be finished.

For Obama to win he needs to make sure he gets more Americans to cast their ballots. This is not going to be easy as we 'the world's most successful democracy' had a 57 percent voter turnout in 2008 which was actually the highest since 1968. Republicans are charged up as opposed to Democrats and it seems likely that the low-income earners (Obama voters mostly) may need to be really convinced to exercise democracy's greatest privilege.

President Obama has been aggressive and has criticized the Romney campaign quite a bit. But Democrats might want to urge the President to not come off sounding so desperate. This has cost incumbents in previous elections.

Campaigns in Ohio and Wisconsin next week

The President needs to get to 270 Electoral College votes and the state of Ohio is crucial. This is why he is planning another campaign stop on Wednesday after successfully campaigning all across the Buckeye state yesterday.

The time in Ohio makes a lot of sense, but the campaign stop in Wisconsin may not. But the Badger State has emerged a key battleground state. Wisconsin might be a lost cause for the President after Romney named Paul Ryan as his running-mate. The strategy might be to try and level the playing field.

There is really nothing much the President can really do now except hope that his slight lead in the early-voting and other polls will continue until Election Day.