What Now Koch-Tea Partiers? Call Workers Commies?

What Now Koch-Tea Partiers? Call Workers Commies?

The Tea Party, which is an invention of the Koch Brothers and their retainers, is bussing people into Wisconsin to counter people power with the shrill of stooges. And the Koch Brothers' cast of characters, including Joe the Plumber and Sarah the Grizzly Mama Palin have come out denouncing the unions for standing up for workers rights, and denouncing the fourteen Democratic Wisconsin state senators for fighting to keep collective bargaining for workers. The new Koch Brothers line against the union now is that unions, and all those opposed to the Koch Brothers' scheme to take America back to the 19th century, are communists.

The Koch Brothers-Tea Party's plan to reshape America and to give her a radical retro libertarian economy is not working. The More that America learns of the Brothers Koch, and of the party and the politicians they brought and paid for, the more Americans become leery of the Koch Brothers -GOP agenda.

The ranks of the protesters are growing. Convention wisdom says that the GOP in Wisconsin has over played its hand. Polls show that support for the Governor, Scott Walker, is on the decline.

The right leaning Wisconsin Public Research Institute poll reports that a majority of the people of Wisconsin disapprove of the Governor. Last week, another right leaning poll, Rasmussen, found that 57 percent of Wisconsin voters disapprove of Walker, and an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll found that 62 percent disapprove of Walker's plan to strip workers of their collective bargaining rights

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