'We're Not Talking About An Exit Strategy' in Libya ?

'We're Not Talking About An Exit Strategy' in Libya ?

The problem with Libya is that the problems of Libya have become America's problem. Mr. Obama and his Western, and his Arab? allies said that the US/ UN/ NATO/ Arab? League involvement in Libya is to protect civilians and to prevent the proverbial bloodbath. Now, that the US finds itself committed in Libya, though the President protests that the commitment is limited, and America's lead role will be short-lived. it is obviously not to be the case. When Gadhafi did not flee at the arrival of the horse cavalry, it was clear that the US involvement in Libya couldn't be an easy in and out as Mr. Obama suggested.

And what will be the end game? The involvement of the US set the stakes -- A Gadhafi departure or failure. A rebel victory or failure. A stalemate and failure. A rebel defeat and disaster. A Gadhafi triumph and utter defeat and a shameful disaster for Mr. Obama and his Western allies. Therefore, the West will be driven to do all it can to prevent a Gadhafi win. Mr. Obama will be drawn deeper into the conflict. Sixty three percent of the people in the latest poll are supporting a no-fly zone, but they do not support deeper U.S. involvement. John McCain and others are calling on Mr. Obama to arm the rebels. What will follow arms? Advisers? And ground troops?

The American end game in Libya?

Well, the game will end with either defeat or success. Mr. Gadhafi at this point holds the hand that could win the game, for himself or for Mr. Obama. Yes, the adversaries are not Mr. Gadhafi and the Libyan rebels. The adversaries are Mr. Gadhafi and Mr. Obama. And in these times when the winds of democracy are alive and are blowing strong in the Arab street, in the battle for Libya, the street is now cheering on the dictator.

Last night on PBS News Hour Gwen Ifill interviewed White House Deputy National Security Adviser Denis McDonough and got a much more positive view, the White House view, of what's going on in Libya. See the video.