Vagina: A word to be avoided during abortion debates?

Vagina: A word to be avoided during abortion debates?

Politics can be a funny little world where little makes sense sometimes.  The abortion debate is one topic that sometimes invites the crazies to come out of the walls and start voicing their opinions.  The latest bit of wacky stupidity comes in the banning of two Michigan politicians for attempting to debate against an anti-abortion bill in a manner that “violated the decorum of the house.”

The setting was a Michigan debate discussing the latest anti-abortion bill; one that is considered by many to be one of the strictest of these legislations in the entire country.  In addition to ignoring many women’s health rights, the bill attacks abortion-providing health care facilities.

Michigan Democrat Lisa Brown was speaking out against the bill when she uttered the following remark:

"Mr. Speaker, I’m flattered that you’re all so interested in my vagina, but ‘no’ means ‘no.’"

Her compatriot was banned for suggesting that vasectomies be banned except in cases where the man’s life was in danger.

The end result was Brown being gagged and not even told why.  She was then prevented from speaking on further issues that day and has since been banned indefinitely from speaking on any issues.  In addition to effectively silencing the opinions of all those she represents, the House has made it clear that they have no desire to listen to anyone who would go against their supreme-overlord wishes.

Since Brown was not told why she was banned, the debates heated up for a few days on whether it was because she used the word ‘vagina’ or not.  Perhaps if she’d used euphemisms like “woo-woo” or referred to her genitals as “naughty bits” then the Republican-led House might have been more forgiving.  The body is, after all, an obscene and disgusting thing that brings nothing but shame.  It’s best to avoid using medically correct terms in favor of language appropriate to a 5-year old audience (which I am beginning to feel represents the proper intellectual level of Michigan Republicans).

Now, we are being told that the ban was due to her use of the phrase ‘no means no.’ Apparently, one of the Republicans felt that she was comparing abortion to rape.  Which again, makes no sense, as this would have been a comment suggesting a support of anti-abortion laws and not the obviously opposite stance that Brown takes on the subject.

The truth behind the ban is fairly obvious.  The Republican heads were flexing their muscles in order to silence opponents on a matter they wished to be passed.  In killing the opposition you make it easier to strengthen your own stance, and imposing gag-orders is a useful tool in that regard.  Or, I suppose, it could be possible that they really are that stupid?