The Unpopular Mr. Steele

The Unpopular Mr. Steele

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Michael Steele is not very well liked or respected by GOP insiders, according to the National Journal Political Insiders Poll released yesterday (3/18/10). Well, wasn't he hired because he has an African-American face? That he has. What more do the GOP insiders expect from a front man?

The Journal polled  104 GOP Insiders, and to the question: whether their Party Chairman, Mr. Steele, is an asset or a liability,  a whopping 71% said he (Steele) is a liability,  "only 20% said he is an asset. Another 9% said he is neither or both."  This 9%  must be looking for which way the wind blows.

The Journal reported , the "GOP Insiders' assessment of Steele was harsh -- even GOP Insiders who called him an asset tended to give him backhanded compliments. Said one GOPer, 'Congressional minorities need some guerrilla-style unpredictability. Steele just brings extra."


Something extra, huh? He is an extra, not a player, not a star -- not with a significant speaking part -- just somebody at the party, making noise in the crowd.. So that's his job.

But those who see Steele  as a liability, seem to want more. And according to the Journal, they didn't pull their punches when they pounded him. "One GOP Insider said, 'Steele is unconnected to the fundraising establishment and uninspiring to the rank and file. He is gaffe-prone and lacks gravitas.' And that was from one of Steele's milder critics."

Well, again, I point to his African-American skin complexion. The country has an African-American President -- and? And, so isn't Steele "the extra" the GOP party needs -- some dude to hang around, so that the GOP won't look too excluding?

News Source: National Journal