The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

The Lies They Tell to Win

Archbishop Timothy Dolan leads an elite group known as the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops who insists that their view of abortion should be everyone’s view of abortion. They have ordered the local priest and churches to command followers of Catholicism fall into line and support the push to eliminate abortion, birth control, and family planning assistance.

Archbishop Dolan has even met with President Obama to convince him of the overwhelming support that his group has in their pro-life stance. Further, he informed the president that Catholic women do not use birth control and find such instruments offensive. Obviously, he is as out of touch with reality as our Congressional members are.

Recent research show that 98% of catholic women who are sexually active support the contraceptive options and partake of them. The study also showed that the church and state should not come between a woman and her doctor deciding in deciding what is best for the patient.  When asked whether a doctor or hospital should be able to refuse emergency care relating to reproductive issues based on religious beliefs, 65% said no. A similar number also believed that health insurance, both private and government run, should provide coverage for contraception.

Despite the Bishops and their conviction they have failed to realize that the people they suppose to lead do not support them in their measures. The Bishops seek to make outright discrimination against millions of women legal and without repercussion.

The Catholic Church once had the power to rule a nation, in fact several nations. Over time as people became educated and were exposed to different belief systems and science they moved away from the all consuming power of the church. Should the Bishops win in their attempt to force everyone to abide by their dictates; we, as a nation of religious freedom and individual choice, will face suffocating constraints on how we live our lives. Women will once again be regulated to breeding cattle and the option to choose will be banished.

To prevent this injustice against out right to be people and have a choice in our own reproductive rights we need to let the Powers That Be know we will not stand idly by and let a group of men with no knowledge of women rule our ability to bring life into the world or not.