Unique? Now That's A Good One!

Unique? Now That's A Good One!

I'm not really one of those queers who thinks marriage is what we should be fighting for. In fact, I feel the fight for marriage actually masks bigger problems we should be addressing. For example, a common argument to make gay marriage a priority is marriage is needed so that partners can provide health care for each other. But really, should health care be based on relationship status? How about basing access to health care on something crazy like, I don't know, needing health care?

Having said all that, I can't help but get my boxers in a knot about homophobic institutions using gay marriage to distract from their own problems. The absolutely best at this is the hierarchy of the Catholic Church. Invariably any time the church addresses the pedophilia scandal to the media, they mention homosexuality as if it's the homosexuals in the church, not the pedophiles, that have been causing problems. It's an amazing job of spin.

This month the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops launched a ludicrous website called Marriage Is Unique for a Reason. If I didn't know better, I would assume it's a parody site with gems like "marriage has never been about the relationship of just any two adults."  It also threatens that if gay marriage becomes legal " [Because] Law is a teacher, such a law would teach many bad lessons" including that a "mother and father would become interchangeable and gender would become inconsequential"

The use of “bad lessons” is silly enough (what is this, kindergarten) but the whole website hinges on the argument that marriage between and a man and a woman is the only permissible one before God because it is the only union capable of producing children. Yet the church doesn't have a funny looking website dedicated to prohibiting a union between a post menopausal woman and a man. Or a man with very low sperm count and a woman. Or two people who just don't like sex.

And of course, the implication is that all lawful before God before marriages could result in children because, of course, no Catholics use birth control. Uh yeah, except for a recent survey revealed that less than 2 percent of Catholic women actually follow the rule. I guess no one has told the Conference of Catholic Bishops that Catholics just aren't having huge families anymore. So, good job that, bringing the church into the digital age with arguments that haven't been effective for decades.