Tucker Carlson, A Fox Fool For the Day?

Tucker Carlson, A Fox Fool For the Day?

Fox News fill-in host, the conservative Tucker Carlson, sees himself as a personality who is more than a wing nut. He sees himsef as a conservative thinker. Really? 'Conservative' and 'thinker' are two words which don't rightly fit together.

Anyway, he railed against Michael Vick, the NFL star quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, who spent 19 months in prison on a conviction for dog fighting. Mr Carlson said that Mr. Vick should have been executed for dog killing.

Tucker Carlson is not on my list of thinkers or on the list of people whose opinions I follow. His staement on Michael Vick was one incredible statement against Mr. Vick, a man who, during these days of the Christmas holiday season, President Obama reached out to -- and, the President applauded Mr. Vick's employer for giving Mr Vick a second chance. Whether Mr. Carlson's outburst is directed at Mr. Vick or at President Obama is besides the point.

No one can  / should  defend dog fighting, or Mr. Vick's past behavior, but Mr Carlson's rant that Mr. Vick should have been execute is taking things a stretch and is, put frankly, unAmerican and unChristian. Redemption for those who have had a moral failure is as American and as Christian as any thing can be.

Yesterday Cenk Uygur. host of The Young Turks, who is filling in for Ed Schultz on MSNBC, gave his take on the Fox News fill-in host Tucker Carlson's rant that Michael Vick should have been executed for his dog killing. Cenk's points are on target. See the vdeo